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We buy tickets for high-demand events every day from sources all over the country. If you think you have tickets of interest to us, contact us, including all the details, such as your name, address, day and evening telephone numbers and email address, the event name, date, time, venue, city, quantity of tickets, section, row, seat numbers, the face price and a price you wish to receive. If we have need for your tickets, we may buy them outright or offer to take them on consignment.

The tickets you wish to sell must be in your possession and be available for immediate shipment. Where you have tickets coming to you but not arrived yet, such as where you are a season ticket holder, we will let you know our interest in those and can follow up once you have received them.

Of course, where we do buy your tickets, the price we offer will be lower than our selling price. We aren’t interested in buying tickets for all events but rather just high-demand ones, and even where the ticket you have is for a popular event, we may not express interest if we have ample supply already or the event is too speculative or set to occur very soon.


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