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Here are just a few samples of the countless letters, comments, emails and feedback received by Event USA and its affiliated tour and travel divisions:

Great Feedback from Super Bowl XLV!

Just wanted to drop a note of much thanks for a great job (at Super Bowl 45 in Texas)!!  My clients were very excited for this trip and in spite of the "hiccups" such as bad weather in both places, you still made the process an easy one.  Thank you Nicole for calling the clients direct as they were very much at ease with picking up tickets in Dallas.  A big thank you for working with Travel Agents as well. Just so you know we did post the information for Packer Fan Tours on our site on the Rely Local web page as the only tour operator used for this. Had a  fabulous time (at Super Bowl XLV)... and loved their seats. But the Game!!!  As tired as they were, they still had the "Hugest" smile. Many thanks.Again, many many thanks.
— Chris Mano, Around the World Travel, Racine, WI

Thanks! It's now AFTER the Super Bowl. It went smooth and they loved their seats...I would like to personally thank Dennis for his help. You have all been so gracious. I have bought through you for other games and sure will continue!
—Valerie Sellers, Cottage Grove, WI

I was a part of your Super Bowl trip this past weekend (Silver Package, I was staying at the Great Wolf Lodge). We had an amazing time on the trip and were extremely impressed with how everything was handled by PFT. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Thanks again for your time and understanding and thank you for a wonderful super bowl trip!!!!
—Lee Unrath, De Pere, WI

Please let everyone know in the office that their hard work was really appreciated for the Super Bowl.  The guests only had nice things to say about their experiences when ordering their trip.  Appreciate everything you do for us.  Super Bowl champs, can you believe it!
—Julie L. Russell, Green Bay, WI

We had a GREAT time last weekend at the Super Bowl !! .. Your entire staff did an outstanding job !! .. Are you taking orders for 2012 .. ie for Indianapolis ?? .. Thanks much again for getting back to us.
—Carol & Marv Market, Fort Myers, FL

It was a pleasure to work with you and your whole team on the Super Bowl. Hopefully we will do the same next year. You guys are the best.
Dan Schultz, Funjet Vacations

I want to thank the entire staff for the help and ease of purchasing Green Bay Packer tickets from over 1300 miles away. My wife and I and several of our friends have made the trip 8 times now and I wouldnt want to go that distance without the game tickets. Hoping we can plan our next trip in April when the 2011 schedule is out. Thanks again for your great help with tickets!! Go Pack!
—John Driscoll, Austin, TX

Thank you for your prompt attention at the Super Bowl.  My daughter and her husband were among the group that wasn't allowed in the stadium with their tickets. I texted you and your immediate responses were very reassuring during the next hours of waiting.  We had a happy ending and their seats were reactivated before game time. We ended with a great experience that is only understood by other Packer fans.
—Gene Bukowski, Billings, MT

I bought from you for a Lambeau trip in October and again for the Super Bowl- no problems or issues and great service- will definitely use you again- thanks for everything- Go Pack from snowy NJ.
—Jack Mans, Brick, New Jersey

What a game (Super Bowl XLV)!!!! It was in typical Packer fashion—get a big lead and then hold on to dear life at the end. I was emotionally spent by the end of the game. Kids had a blast. THANKS!! Sitting in the first two rows of the plane was very nice as well as having our own row at the stadium and great views. Transportation and transfers were all great. Anyway, it was quite a ride…sad that it's over but wanted to pass along my "thanks" for taking care of everything. You're the best!! Cheers!
—Bob Spoerl, Stevens Point, WI

I just wanted to let you know that Shelley and I had a great time at the Super Bowl in Dallas. From the time that our plane took off until we landed back in Milwaukee on Friday we really were treated great. We met some awesome people and made some more Packer friends. Our hotel was nice and we loved our backpacks they gave us. We got help to navigate the bus system and were able to get to some Packer bars and pep rallys. The tailgate party was awesome!!!! Not to mention the police escort to the game. Once again Nanci you have gone above and beyond to make another memorable vacation. Thank you so much for all that you do. See you in Mexico!!
—Anne Fenwick, Mauston, WI

Hi Dennis, our experience with PFT was fantastic (for Super Bowl 45). Thank you for your communications. Regards.
—Maryanne Coronna, London, England

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note to tell you how much I appreciated all of your help with the Packer Fan Tour (Super Bowl 45) Package. You worked hard to answer my questions and settle my concerns and I really appreciate that! That just happened to be one of the very best weekends of my life! Thanks again! AND GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Kate Hutson, Minneapolis, MN

The game (Super Bowl 45) was awesome, The Great Wolf facilities were exceptional. I want to thank you for the opportunity to go the Super Bowl by providing the packages for us to purchase. 
—Michele Oostdyk, Plymouth, WI

We had a great time (on the Super Bowl 45 trip). Flight was awesome and perfect for us. So much fun and a nice plane with our own TV's. Food also! Yippie!!! Oh my... that stadium is huge, maybe too big? Loved the Super Bowl, it was unbelievable!!! So happy we won and I would go again in a second. Thank you for everything. We did have a blast. Thanks again for all your help with the Super Bowl, you guys did a great job. I LOVED the direct flight in and out, perfect. Hopefully it happens again next year!!! Take care.
—Susan Lin, Green Bay, WI

I wanted to thank you again for getting us set up with our Super Bowl XLV tickets.It was a pretty cool experience! We hope there will be a season this next fall. We are hoping to come to the first Packer home game.
—Bob Stein, Houston, TX

I have booked multiple tour packages through PFT and I just cannot say enough about how extremely impressed and completely satisfied I am!  Everything is always so well organized and planned out.  The Super Bowl game was no exception and even more impressive to me as it was extremely short notice to put everything together.  Thank you very much!  Keep up the great work!  I cannot wait to book another package next season!
Melissa Pfeifle, Eagle Point, OR

"Thanks for making the Packer/Bear game a memorable experience for us. Your
staff was friendly and arrangements great. Our seats were perfect - it was
about time we visited the stadium after a 40 year absence."
-Jim and Nancy Schweger, Bend, Oregon

"Now we are back at home. After the Super Bowl Tour we have been in Jamaica for 12 days. Jacksonville was our 8th Super Bowl und never before we have had so good seats. Thank you very much for your help und for the tour. Please inform me by email if the tour for the Super Bowl 2006 are available. We also will go to Detroit."
-Hans Meiler, Germany

"My name is Christine and I'm from Winnipeg, Canada. I was recently in search for Packers tickets and was having a very hard time even getting through to anywhere or anyone. Once I was pointed in your direction, my life was much easier. I delt with a woman named Beth and she made everything so simple. We received our tickets and had an incredible time. The people in Green Bay were very welcoming and made our stay a good one. Not to mention that Favre and the rest of the team put on a great show. We are going to try and make this an anual trip and I can ensure you that you will be the first place we will contact. Thank you for helping us enjoy the amazing experience of Lambeau Field!! "
-Christine Doerksen, Winnipeg, Canada

"I want to thank all of you again for your professionalism and desire to go the extra mile. The last two years you have worked with me to get us seating close to the exit ramp and handicapped parking after I had my knee replaced. We would never buy a ticket from anyone else ever! We love the pre-game party. We attended with your tours, both the Chicago game and the Colts game this year. We hope to continue our relationship with Event USA for many years to come! Thank you!"
-Renee & Larry Morrison, Lincoln, Ne.

"I can't express what I great time I had in Titletown. Ever since I started watching the Packers 15 years ago as a ten year old, I've wanted to go see a game at Lambeau Field. I located your website by accident, and I was too excited for words. Finally there was a way to go see the Packers at Lambeau. I can only say that the weekend exceeded my expectations. The service was fantastic, the staff was very helpful and the tailgate party was first rate. More importantly, the staff made sure I had a good time even though I was at the game alone. I can't stop recommending Packer Fan Tours to all of my fellow Packer Backers around Toronto. Keep up the good work, and warm up a seat for me at the re-dedication game in 2003. Thanks for making my Packers dream come true!"
- Scott Mitchell, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" I'm one of the two New York City police officers who couldn't make the Sept 2001 Monday Night game with the Redskins, due to the events of 9/11. I wanted to thank you for your understanding and compassion, in letting us reschedule the game for the season opener on Sept 8th 2002. Your tour director was exceptional and professional in all areas and I'm sure you're extremely proud of her and her efforts. I've been a Packer fan for 40 years, so it meant so much to actually see the Packers at Lambeau Field. Needless to say, my expectations were exceeded on Sept 8th. I'm proud to be associated with the greatest team, town, and fans in the world."
- Ken Frazer, White Plains, NY

"For the past week or so, I've been on an incredible high, having seen my beloved Packers live in action..for the first time in over thirty years, and it was quite a thrill, to say the least...the total experience was incredibly awesome! The tailgate party was just as incredible! Keep doing the same outstanding job, and remember: GO PACK!!! "Keep the Faith!"
- Chuck Swoboda, Detroit, MI

"You guys are the best, and work extremely hard to accommodate the Packer Fans who take advantage of your services."
-Linda Mc Donald, Eternal Packer Fan, Chicago, IL

"Thank you so much for the Cubs-Brewers tickets at Miller Park. The seats were excellent and we had a great time! I know I will definitely call again in the future! Again, thank you for all your help."
-Greg Gillings

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent service that Event USA provided. I appreciate your follow up on my order to ensure the safety of my tickets and my credit card. There aren't many businesses that really believe in customer service any more, but customer service seems to be a top priority at Event USA. Thanks again."
-Ann Rakowiecki-Wick, via email

"Once again we had a great time in Green Bay. You guys really put on a great tour."
-Jim, Julie & Blair Fasce, Auburn, New York

"All the game planning, coaching, hotel accommodations, flight arrangements, etc. were extremely well organized and perfectly fit together. The overtime you put in getting everyone's requests for tickets, rental cars, flight, hotel, from various locations and for various lengths of time must have been a nightmare! You handled it all with such a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and precision passing. Anytime we hand a concern or question, you had the answer."
-Lisa Hennessey, Green Bay, WI

"I still can't believe how much fun I had this football season. I'm sure alot of people can't appreciate what you do behind the scene to make these trips happen, but I very much appreciate it."
-Tony Jamail, Cincinnati, OH

"We always thought that the shortage of Packer tickets would not allow any of us to watch the Packers play in Green Bay, but now we know where to go when we want to see a game! Everything was wonderful, the hotel, buses, food, tailgate party and of course the game!"
-Tammy & Jim Traeger and crew, Hudson, WI

"...what a great time I had during the weekend on your Packer-Bronco game. Since I came solo, I wanted to thank you and the rest of your staff for introducing me to other guests during the festive events."
-William Rehm, Irvine, CA

"I plan on making an annual trip to Green Bay, and I certainly will not hesitate to use EVENT U.S.A in the future...Everything was thorough and first class."
-Mark Lukens, Robesonia, PA

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our Super Bowl trip a most memorable and grand experience!!! You had such a lovely and gracious way of interacting with the crowd of fans."
-Dean & Mary Hein, Madison, WI

"Just a note to let your organization know what a fantastic time we had...first class every step of the way...looking forward to many happy returns!"
- James Sizer, Spokane, WA

"Thank you to everyone who made our Packer weekend at the Settle Inn an enjoyable event. You all were so kind. The welcoming party, meeting Ray Nitschke and all the Packer fans from all over was truly a great experience."
- Mary & Joe Kubiak, Greenleaf, WI

"Thank you, Event USA, for your help in securing a luxury box for the Green Bay vs 49ers playoff game at Lambeau. Your assistance and the professional manner in which you handled our request was greatly appreciated."
- Carmen Policy, President - San Francisco 49ers

"Thank you for making me 'the best wife in the world'...The Event USA staffers were friendly and organized. The front desk folks at the Settle INN really made us feel welcome. The vacation of 'once in a lifetime' certainly lived up to its expectation."
- Sandy Maugel, Toledo, OH

"You are always so thoughtful, helpful and considerate with us as your customers. I would recommend you to anyone."
- Todd & Carol Huppert, River Falls, WI

"Thank you for your assistance in obtaining an extra suite (skybox) for our recent game with the Packers at Lambeau. We appreciate your efforts, especially on short notice...everything ran very smoothly and our clients were pleased."
- Malcolm I Glazer, Owner Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"...know how truly happy I was with the way that you handled getting my family our tickets to our very first Packer game!...we will be using Event USA again to plan our trip!"
- Mark Campbell

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the great tickets for the Packer game. Believe me, all of your hospitality was not taken for granted."
- Kathleen West, Muskegon, WI

"...I have been intending to thank you appropriately for your generosity in (providing) a suite at the NFC championship in Green Bay. It was a special privilege for us to be there in January at Ice Bowl II...My best"
- Paul Tagliabue, NFL Commissioner

"Thanks again...We enjoyed our visit to Lambeau Field (even though the final score was not in our favor!) and appreciated the courtesies that were extended to me and my guest."
- H. Wayne Huizenga, Owner Miami Dolphins

"Thanks for always making our Packer weekends special with all of the attention you give our clan from Rhode Island. It is greatly appreciated!"
- Jack Leyden, East Greenich, RI

"Our staff is still talking about what a great group y'all were."
- Jason Beckham, Doubletree Hotel - Charlotte, N.C.

“Thanks so much for the best weekend ever!  You not only got us in all the Magazines, TV, WWW pages and even the big screen at Lambeau Field, but Disney World on the side?  Nice job – You and your family are top notch – we were on the best tour for the Super Bowl!  Seeing the Green Bay Packers win back the Lombardi Trophy was a life long dream of this Packer fan, and you all were so dedicated to the job of taking care of us that, like the Packers, we were a winning team!  Keep me on your list.”
- William D Lorge, Representative to the Assembly, Outagamie and Waupaca Counties

“Thank you for all your help.  I had a great time at the Packer–Raider game opening day.  I have already begun telling interested Packer fans in Sacramento about your service.  The next time I come to Green Bay for a game, I’ll be sure to ask for your help.  God bless you and God bless the Green Bay Packers.”
- Frank Chavez, Sacramento, CA

“Thank you.  You guys have always been there for me. Great service!  Nice people!  Better Prices!  That’s why I always come back.”
- Ron Shadrix, Kouts, IN

“Thank you so much for making my trip to Green Bay so awesome!  I wanted to thank everyone but I know that I would forget someone's name.  So please tell everyone how great my trip was.  I can’t wait to come again.  Please put me down for a ticket the next time the Cowboys come to town.  You folks do a super job with the tours.  Keep up the great work.  See you soon.”
- Brenda Mazzeo, Farmingdale, NY

“First I want to thank you for all of the time and hard work you put into assuring the success of the Annual Packers Cruise!  I had the time of my life and memories that I will cherish always. I met some of the nicest people that I have ever some across!  The friendships that were formed between so many of the people will last a life time!  William  Henderson and Ahman Green stole my heart by their amazing personalities and love for not only the game of football but their love for the fans.  They both went up over and beyond to assure they made time to meet us all.  I can’t even express the amount of respect and admiration I have for the two of them.  They were so into being part of everything and treated all of the fans as if they had known us forever!  Again, thank you so very much!  For my words can’t express my gratitude!  Take care of yourself, and please keep in touch!  All my love and best wishes!  God Bless.”
- Heather Stump, Madison, WI

“Please accept this belated note of thanks for your generosity in affording me and my wife the opportunity to watch the Packer/49er Game this past season in Green Bay.  It was a memorable event for us – with the exciting contest between the teams capped nicely by the superb accommodations you provided for our group in your suite.  Wishing you continued success personally as well as the entire team at Event USA, I thank you and give you my best.”
- Rush Limbaugh, New York, NY

" I recently returned home from the tour to the San Diego Charger football game and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the whole experience. The entire trip was well planned. We were met by very pleasant and helpful staff at the airport who directed us to our transportation to the various hotels. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Old Town which provided excellent accommodations. The San Diego informational brochures provided useful information for planning individual side trips and the included trolley pass made it very easy to get around. The tailgate party was a great prelude to the game -- culminating in a BIG victory!! Lots of fun was had by all! Keep up the good work. I will definitely recommend (you) to others."
- Terry Sell, Ishpeming, MI

" I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with our weekend in Green Bay. We booked thru you tickets and accomodations for the home game on November 23rd. We were booked at a beautiful property and close to everything... This trip was our son's Christmas Gift. He is a huge Packers Fan and he looked forward to this for a long time. We asked for tickets in the End Zone as close as possible to the field. We were in row 4 right at the corner of the field. Thank you. The downpour quit just after we got to the tailgate party, where we had the opportunity to meet Brett Favre's wife. I took a picture of our son with her... We drove 12 hours to get to Green Bay from Dunnville, Ontario and it was well worth the drive... We will have to come back again. Again, we had a wonderful time, thrilled with our game tickets, accommodations and t-shirts. We won't hesitate to book thru Packer Fan Tours again."
- Ron, Carrie & Ryan Farr, Welland, Ontario CANADA

"Just a quick, but long overdue note to thank Packer Fan Tours for the great experience at the 11/10 Monday Night game. The seats were awesome! No one at home could believe how great our seats were. We didn't get a leap but it was still great! Saw the players up close-my son was blown away... Everyone at the hotel was really nice... Thanks for helping me make a dream come true, for my son and I. Go Pack Go!"
- Jane Morgan, Waterville, OH

"I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had on our trip this past weekend to see the Packers and Bears game. You all did a wonderful job of coordinating events, buses, hotels and flights. It was a blast from the moment we arrived. Everyone was friendly, helpful and willing to please us. This was a birthday present for my husband and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Although we had a little trouble understanding your accents (we're from Texas) the hospitality around Green Bay was exceptional. We enjoyed Green Bay, the tailgate parties, the Lambeau Field tours, the Hall of Fame and the Fans... All in all, you all did a great job and we will definitely recommend you to other football fans. You haven't been to real football game until you have been to a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau. Thanks again for a fun weekend."
- Becky Christopherson, Little Elm, TX

"Hey, you're the greatest!!!! My son and i had a great time; thanks so much!!! Emilie thankyou so much for your help...and Julie you did such a wonderful job . You can count on me booking with you soon, maybe the cruise? I met alot of nice people... Thanks again."
- Timothy & Justin Waters, via email

"I recently purchased 3 ticket thru your company for the Packers/Buc game in Tampa Bay. My son has always been a Bucs fan and wanted to see a game at Raymond James Stadium.... I was pleased that the tickets were reasonable compared to other vendors. I could not have been more pleased with the seats. They were great & the Packer fans that were around us were very nice and very well behaved. Again, a big thank you for your help in a great time in Tampa."
- Paul Coppin, Fargo, ND

"I would like to say many thanks for the terrific organization of our journey to Green Bay in October. The game day against the Seattle Seahawks was an unforgettable event. The super atmosphere in Green Bay before and after the game fulfilled for me and my wife all expectations. These days were the fulfillment of a dream. The right partner to fulfill dreams is "Packer Fan Tours". See you again next year."
- Thomas Ute Vatterodt, Eckental (Bavaria - GERMANY)

"We didn't beat the Eagles, but it was a great game to watch none the less...and my wife and I both had the time of our lives...the hotel was courteous, the fans are the best anyone could ever ask for, who could complain about any seat in Lambeau!...and the Brats! not to mention the Beer! The entire experience was dream come true, and it's thanks to you that it was...we'll do it again...thanks again"
- John and Kathy Allen, Sicklerville, NJ

"I just wanted to let you know that even though the Packers lost on the day I went, I had such a great time!! It was an experience of a lifetime. My tickets were AWESOME. Everyone was so nice there and the tailgating is a blast. It was a wonderful experience and Packer Fan Tours was wonderful. Emilie helped me and she was great! Thanks again."
- Deena Peak, Pismo Beach, CA

"My husband and I fulfilled a dream to attend a Green Bay Packer football game, a couple of weeks ago, thanks to your organization. We attended the Seattle game. We had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Best Western Hotel, which was super, as it was within walking distance of the stadium. Our accommodations were very nice. The Hall of Fame was so interesting and inspiring. We also enjoyed the tail gate party. The game was awesome. Everything exceeded our expectations. We really had the time of our lives. We plan to contact you again, for the 2005 season. We wouldn't change a thing and are looking forward to another great experience. Thank you for all your terrific work and attention to details that made our trip absolutely perfect."
- Ron and Geri Ott, Matlacha, FL

"My wife and I would like to take a moment to thank your fine firm for the prompt and professional way you conduct your business. We have used you folks on many occasions, both for games in Green Bay as well as on the road. Every single transaction has been perfect to the letter. We have every intention of being long time loyal customers of Event USA. Best Wishes to your entire staff and keep up the outstanding service."
- Steve & Patty O'Brian, Columbia, MO

"Well after the months of pestering you, its finally over. and I came home a happy Chiefs fans. However, the Packer fans could not believe us CHIEFS fans got tickets so good.....but the game was great and that town is awesome. And everyone treated us CHIEFS fans with respect. Thanks again, it will be a trip I never forget!"
- Kim Kliegel, via email

"Thanks for everything you did to ensure us being able to go and enjoy the weekend. The Event USA people were was a blast and thank you for all your help!!!!!! 'Til next year!!"
- Sarah Biedenbach, Cedar Rapids, IA

"I just wanted to send this e-mail to thank you for helping make our first trip to Green Bay such a great success.. My husband has been a Packers Fan since he was 5 years old and this was his first time ever even seeing the Packers play. Just being there and being a part of everything was GREAT..... I know that now he will make a point to get out there every year. ...Thanks for helping make our first trip such a success."
- Lisa Howell, Hurlock, MD

"Just wanted to thank you for the great trip. We attended the 10/5 game (win against Seattle!) and enjoyed everything. We are telling other Packer fans here about your great service."
- Susan Tracy, Sacramento, CA

"To say AWESOME is an understatement in describing our experience in Green Bay. I cannot thank you enough for helping make my husbands dream come true. We truly enjoyed every aspect of the trip, from the Hotel, to the Hall of Fame, the Tailgate Party and of course the GAME itself. The friendliness of the people from Green Bay and the cleanliness of the entire city is a compliment to all of you who live and work there. From the time we got off the plane in Green Bay to the time we departed we could not have expected a better atmosphere. Coming from Louisiana we could not believe how much the whole city supports their team, everywhere you turn it is green and gold, not a single person had anything negative to say about the city or about the Packers. We could not have chosen a better game to attend, the weather was beautiful and of course the win was amazing. Thanks to the two women who meet with us at the hospitality table set up at the Howard Johnson.... Packer Fan Tours is definitely the way to go. My husband and I are already talking about making a return trip there next year and you can bet I will only have to make one phone call and that will be to Packer Fan Tours. Again, thanks for a wonderful time and you can bet that we will be singing your praises for years to come."
- Carl and Doris Brignac, Lutcher, LA

"I would like to take to opportunity to thank you for the Boston Red Sox the seats were great along with the whole atmosphere thanks again and when I'm in need of tickets I will call you. Thank you!"
- Shawn Nykaza, Chicago, IL

"Sending A great big THANK YOU for making our weekend one of the greatest ever! I surprised my husband for his 50th birthday with the event package and he was overwhelmed. We truly enjoyed ourselves at the hotel, tailgate party, and game. We met so many nice people and hope to keep in touch with them. You really know how to put a package together for the fans. We appreciate everything your staff did to make our trip to Green Bay excellent! You have a great team of employee's who answered any questions we had with friendly enthusiasm. We thought that it would be a once in a lifetime event for us, but we had such a great time, we will be back for another Packer game in the near future."
- Dave and Mary Mellon, Davenport, IA

"In honor of my retirement from the State of Connecticut , my wife and daughters presented me with a weekend trip to Green Bay.My wife,Pamela,had told me how helpful Packer Fan Tours were while she was trying to put the trip together. Your quick, helpful response reinforced that. Thanks again and I am sure we will have a great time. One of my dreams has been to see a Packer game at Lambeau and now I will."
- Bill Stoeckert, Torrington, CT

"Thank you, I have just received my Giants tickets in the (mail). I live in England and am very grateful that you were able to get them to me this early; I can now plan my trip knowing that i have them in my hand. We are coming over to see the Giants play the Rams early Sept and do some sight seeing. I will certainly come back to you next year for tickets. Regards...from a very happy customer."
- Alan Dewhurst, Blackburn, ENGLAND

"Thanks a ton!! We had Packer-Viking tickets for Lambeau field last year and they were a big hit for our fundraiser. Being right along the Minnesota border, the rivalry is intense. When I found out that you had tickets for the game at the Metrodome, I was excited. And thank you so much for the tailgate party tickets too. Things like that just add up and help us with our fundraiser. On behalf of Prescott Fastpitch Softball, I thank you greatly!"
- Jeff and Tina Stenroos, Prescott, WI

"Thank you so much for the information and fast response. I really appreciate you help and excellent customer service."
- Richelle Pizl, via email

"I wanted to thank you for your great service. I received the tickets today, much earlier than expected. It should make a great birthday gift. Thanks again for a great shopping experience. I will definitely contact you again the next time I am in the market for some great tickets."
- Bernard Baran, Edgewood, FL

"I would like to say "THANKS" for a wonderful Packer experience. My husband, two sons and I came up for what turned out to be the NFC North Championship game this past weekend! I am a recovering breast cancer patient. My husband gave this trip to me as my Christmas and Get Well presents. WOW, what a gift! Everyone we came into contact with, whether it was Packer Fan Tour representatives, Howard Johnson (Hotel) staff or other Packer fans, were absolutely the nicest people we have ever come across. A special mention for the staff at Howard Johnson. They made us feel as if we were the only guest in the hotel. Excellent staff and service!This was our first trip to Green Bay and certainly will not be our last. The only thing we missed was the snow! Thanks again for making this a very memorable Christmas! You guys are GREAT! GO PACK GO!!!!"
- Leigh Anne Price, Gastonia, North Carolina

"Thanks so much for the service. I found ordering on-line to be convenient, easy, and very useful. The follow-up call from a representative for seating upgrades was great too. I look forward to the game and working further with your company."
-Eric Rouse, Fairview, OR

"Thank you again so much for donating to our event! [The winner] is definitely looking forward to going and is now just trying to figure out who his guests will be. Your follow-up is awesome. It is always so easy to work with you whatever the project... I hope you know it is appreciated!"
- Maria, Sysco

"I would like to thank everyone at Packer Fan Tours. I will be flying from Oregon to watch the Pre-Season Game against the Chargers on August 11th. Since I began planning this trip in April everyone has been extremely helpful. My request for the lowest available row has been met and I can hardly wait to receive my tickets. Packer Fan Tours can expect my business for many years to come."
- Jeremiah Gray, via email

"Dennis - I just wanted to write you about two of you staff members; one in particular. This past spring, I ordered the Brett Favre Tailgate package for the Bears vs. Green Bay game on Christmas Day. Kristyn and Beth went way above the call of duty to get the tickets to both the tailgate and the game to me well ahead of time. In addition to how efficient and informative [they were, both were] extremely pleasant to work with. Every time I e-mailed them about a timeline or a question about the tickets or any of a million other crazy request I was given both an immediate and courteous response. I want to express my particular thanks to Kristyn for her attention to my requests. Pass on my thanks again to both of these individuals."
- Todd Reynolds, via email

Dear Dennis,
Thank you so much for the tremendous support of our Special Olympics outing! Your donated Packer tickets for the August 11 game were a big hit at our auction. Thanks again!!!
- Dana O' Hara, East Lansing, MI

Just wanted to let you know that I recently booked a football package for my brother. Thought I should bring to your attention the superb service and assistance that I received from a ticket agent by the name of Beth.  She was extremely helpful with all of our travel/ticket requests, was very pleasant to deal with and above all had a great sense of humour....considering I called her back no less than 5 different times. It really was nice dealing with somebody who made this booking and upcoming trip something to look forward to. Thank-you for the assistance and a big Canadian thank-you to Beth.
- Jarvis McComber, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Wanted to thank you all for a great time this last weekend. You made a lifetime Packers fan very happy. The fans and people of Green bay were very friendly, seats were great too. Great memories for a lifetime, we'll do this again.
- Larry Hackney, via e-mail

I just received my tickets and I wanted to send you a "BIG THANK YOU" for all of your help!! What started out a little birthday surprise for my husband turned out to be a Big surprise for him and my girlfriend's boyfriend with a weekend of Green Bay Fun! The Tailgate ticket to Brett Farve's Steak House was a great idea and I know it will be a blast. Thank you again for ALL of your help and the friendly service! I will definately purchase tickets from you again in the future!
- Amy Lindberg, Hugo, MN

I just wanted to email you guys and let you know I really appreciate all of your help in getting our package for the Vikings game as a birthday present for my husband. Please tell Paul K. that he was so helpful in answering all my questions and as was the rest of your staff when I called in. As I said this is a birthday present for my husband and I gave it to him on 8/29, HE WAS SPEECHLESS !!! We are so excited to come up there from Nebraska.
Lori Lamer, via e-mail

As discussed with Darren, my daughter is a member of AmeriCorps, and has been diverted temporarily to help with the hurricane disaster victims arriving in Denver Colorado. She and her team will not be your area until the first of October.

You have graciously afforded us this opportunity for my daughter to see her beloved Green Bay/Brett Favre play at Lambeau Field. I would certainly promote your company to those in the Northern VA/Washington DC areas. Thanks again.
-- Dave Gaydos, Burke, VA

I just wanted to write and let you know I was very well pleased with the tickets I bought from you and the parking pass at Lambeau Field. I just want to thank you for being there when I needed these fine tickets. We had a great time. The parking pass was great just right of the statues. I'll be sure to use you again when I need tickets. Thank you.
-- Judy Demerath, Saukville, WI

I really appreciate all that you did for me. I really felt as though I was given personalized treatment. We had a great time and my entire group was very, very impressed with the Hall Of Fame & Lambeau Field tours, the Tailgate, obviously the exciting game itself, but especially by the friendliness and hospitality.......... Ya'll were great. Thanks again.
-- David Miller, AAA Travel, Florida

I want to write a big thank you to you, and specifically "Andy". I am an Advertising Account Executive in La Crosse, WI, and will be bringing a big client of mine to the Packer/Steelers game. I needed a great way to entertain my client. Having taken advantage of your game/tailgate/hotel packages in the past, I knew right where to look. I have had nothing short of a blast at the tailgate parties, and knew that's what I wanted to do for my client (on a reasonable budget too!). I dialed your 800 number, and was connected with Andy. He explained he would need a c.c.#. Once I had the card in my hand, I dialed his number, only to receive his voicemail. I left a message saying I was ready to purchase and gave him my direct number to call me back. I recieved a call back from Andy within minutes, and am now set to bring one of my biggest clients to a great tailgate party before the game! The thank you is first for Andy, and the rest of your company for providing the customer service that each customer deserves. And secondly, for providing such a great tailgate party. This will be my 5th, and know that you take all of the work out of tailgating!
-- Josh Seidel, La Crosse Tribune, La Crosse, WI

I just wanted to send a big “THANK YOU!” great service in handling my recent order. In July, I spoke to Paul on the phone, and was able to order tickets for my entire family to the Packers/Bears game on Christmas at Lambeau Field. He helped me by getting a “package deal” to get those seats either in 1 or 2 rows (piggy-backed). The next day, I realized that I only needed 12 tickets. I contacted Paul and he was able to change my order to the correct number of tickets needed. He was under no obligation to change them, but he did so anyway, in order to please a customer (which he greatly did!). I just wanted to let you know of your great customer service. We will definitely do business with you again in the future!! Thank you again from an extremely satisfied customer!!
-- Kathy Milakovich, Peoria, AZ

Thank you for putting together such a great package with wonderful seats, an awesome hotel, and a fun autograph session! All of it was so memorable, and the weather could not have been better. I am a teacher so I passed along all the goodies and my Packer Fan students were thrilled. You guys are great. Thanks!!
-- Sandy Grim, via e-mail

I'd like to extend my personal gratitude for your assistance in planning our September 18, 2005 Green Bay Packers home opener customer appreciation event. Kim Koss was great to work with in finalizing all of the details for our group package. The event was a success, the tailgate party was a blast, and the seats were exceptional. We look forward to to working with Event USA Corporation again soon! Best Regards.
-- Dena Gabriel, D/FW Airport, TX

I attended the 52-3 win over the Saints on October 9th thanks to your tour package. To say the whole experience met my expectations would be a gross under statement. It was a dream come true and I loved it. Everything was as promised and I had the time of my life. Thank you so much and I feel like a Packer game each season will become a regular part of my life from now on and I will definitely book through you all again. Thanks to you and the Packers for putting such a good show.
--Mike Young, Phoenix AZ

I want to thank you for the wonderful time I had. Thank you for having a wonderful city and organization. May God bless.
-- Joseph Kurtz, Seattle, WA

Thanks for taking such good care of my group (and me and my buddies) this weekend. We really had a blast! You are so good to work with, I look forward to working together a lot more in the future!
-- Michael K. Bruns, Advantage Sports, Inc, Minnetonka, MN

Dennis, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience that my son and I had when we visited Green Bay this year when they played the Saints. I am 44 and from Houston, Texas and have been a Packer fan since the Lombardi days. I have wanted to visit Green Bay and Lambeau field for several years but waited until my son was old enough to go with me (he is 8).We both had the best time of our lives and it was a trip that we will remember for a lifetime. We very much appreciate the fine job that you and your staff do and for making trips like this available to the Packer fans that live outside of Wisconsin.
-- Leland von Syring, via e-mail

You guys are amazing – I had such a great time at the game this past Sunday – and what a great seat! And I SOOO appreciate you sending me an email alerting me to when the tickets were shipped via fed-x. I have always gotten my Packer game tickets through you, and I always will – the combination of professionalism, friendliness, and helpfulness is a rare one these days – thanks for having the best customer service around today!! And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!
-- Linda Pelletier, Treasure Island, Florida

I just wanted to tell ya'll that my husband and I had a fabulous time on our trip-and not just because it was our honeymoon! Everything was great- service, food, hotel, tailgate party, autograph session and especially the game. We received our tour package in plenty of time to go through it and check out some other things to do in Green Bay. We even got to meet Deanna Favre and Bonita Favre. Deanna signed a pink hat for my mom who is also a breast cancer survivor. We loved meeting William Henderson & Vonte Leach. We told Henderson that we were on our honeymoon and they had to win the next day for us, and he promised they would. What a nice guy! I was also excited to meet Chris Havel. I loved his and Brett's book, and I was glad to have a chance to tell him how much that book inspired me. Oh, and I can't get over the tailgate party! You guys up there sure know how to tailgate like nothing I have ever seen before! I have told everyone about it, but words do not do it justice! The game was great and our tickets were super! It was truly a perfect day and trip. Ya'll are the sweetest people! Everyone we met was super. Thank you so much for making sure our honeymoon was flawless. We can't wait to come back!
-- Paul and Darbi Blencowe Greenbrier, AR

I had a great time on your tour. The bus driver for the stadium transfers was fantastic. She was friendly, very nice, and expertly got us through traffic and back to the hotel quickly. The people and the party at Favre's were equally inviting and only added to the wonderful time I spent in Green Bay. I quickly jumped at the chance to upgrade seats and will never regret it. We were so close to the field that I still don't know how the players stayed warm. I know you didn't plan the win, but it seemed like all a part of the package. Nicely done. Thanks a million for the fantastic weekend. I'll use your tour services again. And again. Thank you.
-- Curt "Brett" Knabel, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dear Dennis,
Thank you for kind note of congratulations. I really appreciate your support. I have already passed along your website and company information to my friends and relatives so that they may be aware of your services.
— Mike McCarthy, Head Coach, Green Bay Packers

I just wanted to let you know that.... Emilie was amazing to deal with... beyond helpful I must tell you. She made me feel totally comfortable in traveling alone to Green Bay and made everything easy to do. Thank you so much!
— Tracy Adams, via voicemail

Fabulous!! Thank you for working with me on this!!  I would definitely recommend and buy through Event USA again!!  You're customer friendly and focused!!  You've been wonderful!!
— Lori Mac, via e-mail

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I've gotten tickets from you for years now, and I'm always impressed with your friendliness and help. So, thanks for your hard work and friendly service—you'll always be the place I go to get my Packers tickets.
Rachel Stein, via email

Just want to say thanks. We talked to Darren a couple weeks ago and he got us tickets to the [New York] Yankees/Houston [Astros] spring training game in Florida with my son. He loved it [and] we had great seats! Thanks again.. we'll be talking to you!
—Otto Odendahl, Winnetaka, IL

I called you early Saturday afternoon [for the Browns game that night] and you were extremely helpful in getting 4 tickets near to each other. Thank you so very much for your help! You Julie, and Emilie were all extremely helpful and efficient at getting us great seats at a great price. We all had a fabulous time and I will definitely recommend you and your team to other business associates and friends that want to get tickets to upcoming events.
—Mark Handlos, via e-mail

Ticket arrived today, thanks for the excellent service, all being well I will be using you again for next years football trip.
—Mark Hewitt, Papa John's (GB) Limited

You guys are awesome! I can’t begin to tell you how happy you have made us!
—Guy De Rosa, Aptude, Inc

Many thanks for your help with our room for September 13. My wife and I had a great suite that you coordinated, so again, thanks a million. We enjoy working with your company. Best wishes for a great season!!
—David H. Juedes, President, Fox World Travel

Everything was great!!! I know everyone enjoyed themselves!!! Thank you for everything!!!
—Joe Passarelli, Pasta King, Racine, WI

Once again, a very big thank you for a superbly run series of events around the Packers/Bears Game last week. I look forward to dealing with Packer Fan Tours in the future—who knows, maybe in January for a Playoff Game!
—Roger Smith, Ireland

I just want to thank you so much for your help in getting tickets to the Bronco game on such short notice! We will definately be calling you in the future! I told a patient this morning about your wonderful service and she was going to tell her husband and see if he would be interested in a Packer game. She said he wanted to go but they could never find tickets. Thanks so much!
—Tina Craig, via e-mail

I just want to thank you so much for your help in getting tickets to the Bronco game on such short notice! We will definately be calling you in the future! I told a patient this morning about your wonderful service and she was going to tell her husband and see if he would be interested in a Packer game. She said he wanted to go but they could never find tickets. Thanks so much!
—Tina Craig, via e-mail.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. My daughter doesn't even know we are going [to Miley Cyrus] yet, I can't wait to see her face! Thanks for making everything work out for us.
Shanna Veale, via e-mail

Everything worked out great yesterday, even the Packers won and the weather was perfect! Thank you for your arrangements.
—Lori Kornblum and Bruce Semon, via e-mail

We had an awesome time and the seats were perfect!!! I can't thank you enough. Here's a picture of my son, me and my hubby, Happy Yooper Packer fans!
—Laura Belle, Michigan

This past weekend I attended the PFT trip to Cleveland. I won it on WTMJ, it was a great experience. I would like to thank you for the great hospitality and wonderful vacation. The trip was well organized and a lot of fun. Next time I take a tour to a Packers game you will be the company that I plan my trip with. Thank you again for the excellent vacation.
—Michael Grochowski, via e-mail

Just a note to express my thanks for a great weekend. Every event was covered, every detail seen to, every contingency with a ready solution. The greatest aspect was the time I got to spend with my son. The weekend reminded me of the days when he was just a little chap and we would attend college games together. Now at 33, he's able to take the lead and show me a good time. Your staff and everyone associated with PFT has been great to work with, so friendly and knowledgeable. We'll be back to make some more great memories.
—Gene Ward, Ecru, MS

I decided to surprise Ryan yesterday (with the news of the Packer Fan Tours packages to see a game at Lambeau). I set up the house the exact same way that Ryan did when he proposed to me, but replaced the roses with football helmets. There were candles and music and some Bud Light (he had champagne for me). So when he came in, I got down on one knee and asked him to go to Monday Night Football with me! It was so awesome. He FREAKED!! So then I started telling him everything that was included and he was floored! Thank you so much for making this possible. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me to make this so awesome. It is something we will never forget! I just can't wait to go to Green Bay for my first game...and Ryan wishes it were this Monday! Thanks again!!!!
—Joanna Lyons, Hanover, Ontario CA

I just wanted to send a quick note and say thank you for such a great experience! I was so excited to come to Green Bay and see the game. You were right, those seats were amazing! I have never had so much fun in such a short time. The food at Brett's Steakhouse was wonderful, and everyone we came in contact with was so nice and friendly, we couldn't have asked for a better time. Lambeau was just what I pictured it to be! Again, I just wanted to say Thank you.
—Sandra Flinchum, Noblesville, IN

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my friends and I. We were extremely impressed, surprised, and just happy that we got such great tickets! My friends were thanking me a lot, but I kept telling them it wasn't me, it was Nicole from Packer Fan Tours. She hooked it up, so honestly, thank you very much. My friends had a blast and none of us will ever forget the Monday Night game that you made happen for us.
—Soha Javaherian, Eau Claire, WI

Nicole, thanks for setting my family up with some awesome seats for the MNF game! We were only 3 rows up and it was the best seats that we had ever had! It made the long drive from PA worthwhile. Thanks so much for the great opportunity and we will make it to a game next year.
—Tyrel Sipe, New Wilmington, PA

The tickets have arrived! Thank you SO much for all you help putting this group together for us. You are appreciated!
—Amber Schauf, UW Health Clinic, Madison, WI

I had the GREATEST time ever at the Packers-Bills game! I took my Mother for her 70th birthday present to the game with me. She had so much fun at the tailgate party and at the game! And to see the Packers at Lambeau Field was the greatest! What wonderful seats you folks got us! We were so close to the field we could almost hear the players talking on the sidelines! Thanks again to Emilie for taking such great care of me and my mother. Thanks again to everyone there at Packer Fan Tours!
—Jeff Muetz, CO

As usual, we had a great time this past weekend.  The hotel was great, the meet and greet (Player Autograph Reception) was better than could have been imagined.  I just wanted to say thank you, and let you guys know what a great job you do.
Joe Brugess, NY

I just returned home to VA late last night from our trip to Green Bay. We attended the Bills vs. Packers game on 9-19-10. This is the second time I have called on Packer Fan Tours to give me a memorable trip, and it delivered once again! I must confess I am a Giants fan but being a fan of the game in general I have always had great respect for Green Bay. So much history to the team, awesome stadium and super friendly people. Green Bay is the definition of Class in my book. For this trip I just got back from, I wanted to take a friend of mine that has been a Packer fan for over 45 years but had never seen the Packers play in person. Seeing the excitement on his face when we walked through the player tunnel is something I will never forget! Great game by the Pack and a wonderful job by Packer Fan Tours for assembling and delivering an awesome first-time experience to historic Lambeau Field for my buddy. This will not be the last time I venture to Green Bay and that's a fact! Thank you once again.
—Barry Cook, VA

We had a blast this weekend in Green Bay! Our seats were wonderful, the weather was beautiful and best of all....we won!!! Thanks much and look forward to next year already!
Tawni West, IL

The Private Suite at Lambeau was great. Thank you and your teams for all the help and smooth coordination. The tailgate party was great and the space reserved for our group was perfect.
—Tom Halter, Intel Corp, MN

[I wanted to let you know] how much fun my daughter and I had at the Packers game last Sunday. This was my daughter's first time at a game and she was so excited when Donald Driver (her favorite Packer) scored on the first series in the corner of the end zone where our seats were located. Thank you to 620 WTMJ, Packer Fan Tours, and West Bend Mutual for making these trips possible. GO PACKERS!!!
—Jane Gray, ACL Laboratories, WI

We had a great day Sunday. The block of seating together was outstanding. Much appreciated. Thanks!!
—Mike Neale, WITI Fox-6 , WI

Just wanted to say hello and tell you we had a great time this weekend. My whole party was impressed with everything. 
—Fernando Esparza, IL

We had a great time at the game. The pre game tailgate was amazing. Thanks for your assistance with this.  You made an out-of-towner feel welcomed. I would highly recommend your company to others.
—Daniel Medici, CA

I just wanted to send a THANK YOU! The Tailgate on was incredible! The food and entertainment were amazing! What a fun atmosphere! We came back after the game! I would and will recommend this to everyone. Especially being from out of state and really not knowing where to go for tailgating or how things worked, this was the best way to begin the game-day festivities!  By the way, those were the best BRATS we ever had! Can you tell me what kind they were so we might order them and have them shipped to Michigan and keep the football season Brat-fest going? Thanks again! You made our trip to Green Bay THE BEST!
—Trish Douglass, MI

Hello Nicole, I wanted to take a short time to thank yourself and everyone else there for making our trip to Green Bay a very pleasurable one. The player reception, tailgate party and game was fantastic. The seats you arranged for us were great! We hope to be able to do this again real soon.
—Phillip M. Ramirez, Tucson, AZ

I'd like a couple of your photos from the player autograph party sent to me. Please let know how I can get these. Thanks again for an awesome experience. I couldn't have been happier. You guys are the greatest!
— Jeff Hinderman, Dallas, TX

Hi Dennis. Got back to the UK this morning. Thanks again for a great evening and fabulous hospitality. Truly memorable. Wonderful hospitality in the box. Truly brilliant. I to look forward to the next visit.
—Nick Kennedy, London, England

We had the very best time at the Packers/Vikings game. This package was the bomb and now I know why my sister uses you folks every year. Kudos for the planning and the tailgate party! Fantastic and we will be back!
Roger Stanford, Chippewa Falls, WI

Hi Dennis, I attended the Packers/Jets game this past weekend. I want to pass along a sincere thank you to your event hosts. They were very friendly and knowledgeable, and helped our group navigate into and out of New York City with bus guides and a map of NYC. Our trip was so much more enjoyable because of them. They are a great group of individuals who represent your company! Thanks again.
—Colleen Steier, Schneider National, Inc.

Nicole, thank you! This has been the best customer service I have ever received! You and your team rock!! Thank you.
—Kristina Posey, Rockford, IL

I just wanted to let you know my sister and I had a great weekend at the Vikings (at Packers) game. On Saturday we took the Stadium Tour & visited the Pro Shop. On Sunday we went to the Hall of Fame, your Tailgate Party (awesome) and the Game. On top of that we saw an exciting game and we beat the Vikings. Thank you very much for the suggestions and help. This was truly one of our best weekends ever.
—Bob Meehan, Wolcott, CT

Hi Dennis, the only feedback I have is positive! You and your team couldn't make the day easier to manage, so I can enjoy times with the clients. I really like how you and your team manage the tickets, pre-game and transportation.
—Renee Skower, WebMD

Dennis, thank you for following up on our experience at Green Bay. Our group had a GREAT time. The seats were in the lower level – PERFECT. We are planning to come there again next year. Please keep me in the loop. Thanks!
—Cynthia Keesee, Sysco

We attended a game in Green Bay through your tours and it was fantastic!! Everyone HAS to experience Lambeau!! My husband and I are using this package for our combined birthday presents to each other...just us; no kids and no worries AND a Packer victory! Thanks again - you guys are great!
—Connie Snitker, Cedar Rapids, IA

Thank you. We had a great time at the game. The seats were awesome - even better than promised! We will definitely use your service in the future when we make our annual trip to Lambeau.
—Dan Toellner, UPS Worldwide Services

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! We came back from the trip on Monday and it was phenomenal!!!! The hotel……very friendly staff! The meet-n-greet & tailgate party were great! The seats at the game were UNBELIEVABLE!!!! On the 45-yard line was definitely worth the upgrade!!!! And they won too, so it made it all even better!!!! My husband & I thank you for arranging all of this!!! The package tour was definitely the right choice and way to go!!!! He was actually speechless about the whole trip!!! You'll be hearing from us again!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!
—Christine Fitzell, Springfield, MA

The seats were wonderful and I thank you again very much!!! Talk to you at playoff time or next season.
—Bobby Ogles, Dayton, OH

I just wanted to thank you for making my first experience in Green Bay memorable. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Its something I will never forget. THANK YOU!!.
—Matt Labozetta, Tucson, AZ

I was the only Jets Fan on a bus full of Packers Fans, at New Jersey, a couple weeks ago...the game went the wrong way (Packers shut out the Jets) but I must say that I enjoyed the Packer Fan Tours and the week-end experience... enjoyed it very much.
—Gary Shaver, Crownsville, MD

Thank you for coordinating a great weekend for us. Both the hotel and location of our seats exceeded our expectations. We had an excellent visit and once again thank you for all your help.
—Andy Perea, Laguna Niguel, CA

I just wanted to send a quick email thanking Packer Fan Tours for an amazing weekend. My sis ended up getting tickets for the PFT suite this weekend, and we were able to visit with Jermichael Finley, Ryan Grant, and William Henderson. All 3 of them could not have been nicer. Every time I tell the story to my friends I can't believe how lucky I was to be able to have had that experience. You guys have a fan for life. Thank you all so much for one of the best weekends I have ever had!
—Ryan Diestler, Plover, WI

Just wanted to say "thank you" again for all of your help in putting the trip together. A great time was had by all and the game was a blast. Our family had another wonderful experience. Take care and have a very happy New Year.
—Bill Barber, Baton Rouge, LA

Nicole, it was GREAT to finally put a "face" with a voice—a pretty one at that! Well, the Pack pulled it off. My brother and my two sons had a blast—it was fun to be part of a victory over the Bears. Thank you again for helping out with the tickets—you made his birthday and help provide lasting memories for years to come. Now, on to the playoffs!! I'm sure your fun continues with playoff packages. Have fun!! Cheers.
—Bob Spoerl, Stevens Point, WI

My wife and I just traveled to Green Bay for the 8th year in a row to enjoy a Packers game.  We always enjoy traveling to the area and experiencing the beautiful countryside your area has to offer.  We just wanted to share with you that the people in your area are a treasure and keep us coming back each year.  All of the staff always take care of us and make us feel like family and are a wonderful part of our vacation to Green Bay each year.  We cannot wait until April, when the NFL schedule comes out, so we can begin planning for our 9th consecutive year to visit Green Bay.  Happy Holidays and Geaux Pack Geaux!
Jeff & Robin Keenum, Lake Charles, LA

Hello Nicole, I would like to say thank you very much for everything! Do not have words! Was a dream since when I was little to see the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Never will forget. Green Bay is a magic place.
I hope to be back more times.
Thierre Heimlich, Brazil

Hello Nicole, I wanted to share a cute story of someone you helped. It was about the Japanese couple that traveled to Green Bay for a PFT game package. You emailed to let them know their package would be at the office. A discussion of Reggie White ocurred when I gave them a ride to the office. They said in their broken English, "White is the Minister of Defense". I said, "You bet!" Then I mentioned the good pizza at the hotel. The gentlemen said again in his broken English, "Allergic to cheese, can not eat pizza. Not allergic to Cheeseheads... love cheeseheads." Then the part that I thought was so cool is on our way home, he said that "Nicole, nice girl." I told him he was right on. Stories like this is what makes being a part of the PFT team so priceless.
—Julie L. Russell, Green Bay, WI

Here is a picture of myself and my friend Doug from Arizona who comes in each year for the game.  You can see a Bears fan and a Packers fan can get along.  You did a wonderful job and I look forward to next year!!  Thank you so much!
—Mitchell M. Cohen, ECS Financial Services, Inc, IL

Nicole, Hey, thanks again for hooking us up with the better seating. The game was awesome and there were Packer fans close to us.   In fact, there was a large number of us that went to the stadium together.  So thanks again for your great customer service and your willingness to go the extra distance to ensure we enjoyed ourselves.  I will certainly keep you in mind in upcoming games.  GO PACK GO!!
—Brian Flaskrud, Severn, MD

My family and I had a terrific time in Atlanta. Travel arrangements, hotel accomodations, pre-game party and taking home a "W" all contributed to one fabulous and memorable time. Nanci did a great job!
—Sharon Reilly, Kohler, WI

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help in putting the package together for me and my son. Everything was excellent and well organized. We really enjoyed the pep rally with Packer Fan Tour personnel.  Thanks again.
—Joyce Grassel, Johnston, RI

Dennis, I wanted to express my appreciation for your assistance in booking the trip to Atlanta. Everything was extremely organized and smooth. Nanci was a real skilled professional. Mark Murphy was unbelievable-humble and accomodating. Thanks.
—Peter Hickey, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Hi Dennis and team,
| hope you are well. I just wanted to send a personal note of thanks to you and your team for a job well done. The group had an amazing time and we couldn’t have asked for a better game. Your hospitality and preparedness were flawless. Thank you again for all your help.
— Jack Mott Senior Sales Executive, WebMD Chicago, IL

I have been on a handful of trips before but this was hands down the best trip of my life and something that I will never forget. Packer Fan Tours is definitely the way to go if you are from out-of-town or just want to enjoy a great tailgate.
—Christopher Marrocco, New York


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