Why Buy From Us?


We know you have choices when it comes to arranging for game packages, tickets, tailgate parties and other Game Day entertaining. Even online ticket exchanges are selling tickets at prices greatly inflated over the face price. And there are others who sell tickets in packages—it seems every other sports bar has some kind of package to offer. Even the Packers have endorsed a huge ticket brokering company which is based out of state (Chicago) and which has paid for the use of the term “official”. It would appear that this company has very limited package offerings, and relatively no experience providing true game experiences to fans, nor at affordable prices, especially compared to our 28 years experience in doing so, our headquarters located right here in Green Bay, and our team of professional and fervent fan employees anxious to answer your questions about all the choices we have to get you to a game.

Please don’t get caught up in the rhetoric. Consider these factors…


We have sold Green Bay tickets and game packages since 1989. Is the company who wants your business located in some smoky bar, located far away from Green Bay, or have they just gotten into the business with no track record of reliability?

We are a professional ticket and game package company, headquartered at a dedicated facility, less than a mile from Lambeau Field. We are founding members of the NATB, and our owner serves on the Board of Directors of that consumer-oriented agency, and we are members of the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating.


There are many online ticket exchanges and other companies are now reselling tickets for all NFL games, at prices greatly inflated over the face price. But how do they stack up against us? We sell game tickets and packages and have many reasons why our customers will tell you we are the best source.

  • Better Selection: We have the most/best choices for every Packers game (home or away).
  • Lower Prices: In a comparison completed recently, our average game ticket price which is built into our ticket packages was 32% less than what’s on a competing marketplace. Why pay more?
  • Large Quantities of Tickets All Grouped in the Same Section: We can do that for almost every game and seating category. You normally won’t find more than 2 or 4 together or in the same section on other online ticket exchanges. We present lots of opportunities to keep all of your people close by with many choices of seating. Often times we can seat 10, 20, 30, 40 or more.
  • Need Anything Else? You can try and piece together a package yourself, but we are specialists at doing that! So, if you need more than just a game ticket, we’re here to help. We offer official ticket packages including our Tailgate Party, player appearances and receptions, hotel accommodations, transportation, stadium tours, Hall of Fame admission, and much more. None of the ticket exchanges offer any of this.


We have the greatest choices of lodging for weekend packages. Check out our roster of lodging choices—other companies can only dream of offering such an extensive variety of fine properties.


There are lots of tailgate parties. Where is the home game tailgate party you are attending? Is it at some big impersonal sports arena? Our party is just 2 blocks away from Lambeau Field. Those who have attended know it’s the best! Compare the food and beverages to other traditional tailgate goodies with no limit on drinks. We also have the best music, prizes, children’s souvenirs, and a virtual carnival of costumed fans, weddings, dancing and camaraderie. Some parties call themselves “VIP parties.” Compare what other parties offer to our Tailgate Party and you’ll see that our party outclasses them all. So… some parties offer chairs for everyone? If you want a nice quiet sit-down gathering, why not just sit at home?


During the season, weekly we receive dozens of customer feedback messages and letters. View a small sampling of testimonials on our site. We have hundreds more on file.


Are you confident that the tickets you receive are legitimate? We have worked for years with the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Affairs to assist them with investigating ticket scams. We are the standard-bearer since 1989. Be careful where you order your tickets and tours!

Event USA stands on its record of providing the most choices, highest quality, unquestioned reliability and best game day entertainment in the World.