Website Transfer Instructions

Mobile Packer tickets! To transfer any or all of your Green Bay Packer tickets please follow the steps below:

Using Packers Website (best to use when transferring multiple games)

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in using your email and password. Email must be registered with the Packer Ticket office. 
  3. Once logged into your acct select MY TICKETS. The next page will list all the games that are included in your season ticket package.
  4. Select the transfer box, then check the SELECT ALL box if selling all games, otherwise check the boxes for each game you are selling. Select NEXT.
  5. A YES/NO question box will pop up. Select YES if selling same seats for the games you have selected.  Select NO if not selling same seats for all games that you selected.
  6. If you selected YES, then select the tickets that you are selling by clicking “select all”. If you selected NO, then select the individual seats under the game(s) you are selling.  Click NEXT.
  7. Select ADD NEW RECIPIENT. Enter first name, last name, and email address of the account shown on the ticket purchase AGREEMENT that was emailed to you (above your contact info).  Please make sure to double check that you entered the names and email correctly.

NOTE: The account information that is on your agreement may change if you sell tickets throughout the season, so please make sure to always use the account shown on each individual agreement you receive.

  1. Click TRANSFER. You will then receive an email confirmation from the Green Bay Packers that the transfer was submitted. Watch for an acceptance email from the Green Bay Packers which you will receive once we have accepted your tickets.  Tickets will be accepted during business hours. 

NOTE: You will receive an email confirmation even if you entered the wrong email.  If the wrong email is entered your tickets will not make it to us.  You can always call to confirm we received them.   Your transferred tickets will show as sent. Once your ticket transfer is accepted, the ticket will show as claimed and those tickets will no longer be available in your account.  (You may need to refresh or exit out and go back in to see them as claimed).

 Tickets and agreement must be submitted by the expiration date noted on the agreement.  Once tickets are claimed AND the agreement is esigned we will then submit payment. 

GO Pack GO!