Lambeau Field Seating Information

The Crown jewel of the National Football League, Lambeau Field is a year-round destination venue to be enjoyed by Packers fans in a variety of ways.

Year after year, it consistently tops the lists of the best stadiums in the NFL. USA Today Sports even says Lambeau is the only one that would appear on a sports bucket list.

After undergoing a series of renovations that added a host of new amenities and attractions, Lambeau has truly become the all-seasons entertainment center of Green Bay-its capacity is just 25,000 seats shy of the city’s population!

Lambeau Field Seating Views

To help you select your seating location at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, we have views from different outdoor seating categories, as well as from the skyboxes and club seats.

Lambeau Field Seating Descriptions 

There are almost 80,000 seats in the “new” Lambeau Field. These can be grouped into several types of seating, described as follows:

The Lambeau Leap Zone

We usually have a limited number of seating options for you in the Lambeau Leap Zone. This is a phrase we have coined for the first 4 rows in the end zone areas where players might perform the “Lambeau Leap.”

Outside Bench Seats-100 Level

These are the traditional outside bench seats that range from row 1 to row 60 all the way around the field. The seats are aluminum bench style, without seat backs, and are essentially the same design as when the stadium was built in 1957. If you desire a seat back, portable ones may be rented as you enter the stadium.

The outside bench sections are those with three-digit numbers, starting with “1”. Examples would be Sections 119 and 120, which are outside bench seats in the middle of the field, with rows 1 through 60 represented. Even numbered sections on the sidelines are on the west side (“Home Side” or “Packers’ Side”) and odd are on the east (“Visitor Side”).

The outside bench seats give you access to the regular restrooms and concession stands in the concourses. Vendors selling food and beverages walk up and down the aisles. There is no shelter from rain here, unless you go into the tunnels to the concourses. There are TV monitors broadcasting the game in the concourse. You also have access to the atrium area, where the Pro Shop, Packer Hall of Fame and various new restaurants and attractions are located.

Outside Bench Seats-300 Level

These are similar to the 100 Level Seats described above. The 300 level seats were newly constructed at the top of the 100 level seats as part of the stadium renovation in 2002-2003. They are in sections with three-digit numbers, starting with a “3”, and extend all around the stadium, except on the east sidelines. (Examples: sections 304-354) The number of rows varies, but most have ten rows. These rows are at the top of the 100 level rows, but are renumbered starting at “1”. Therefore, row “1” in the 300 level is typically 61 rows off the field.

The 300 level is not considered an upper deck, but rather an extension on the same level as the 100-level seating. There is a concourse that serves the 300 level with restrooms and vendors. To get to this level, you can go up walk ramps from the main concourse, or enter the stadium through the tunnels on the main concourse, and then walk up the aisles in the 100 level to the 300 level.

There is free access between the 100 and 300 levels and those sitting in these areas may use either the upper or lower concourses.

Outside Individual Seats-600-700 Level

These seats were constructed as part of the 2013 renovation of Lambeau Field. They are located in the South End Zone and Corner Areas of the stadium, and are above the 300 level. They are regarded as more luxurious seating as they have seat backs and cupholders (unlike the bench seats in the 100 and 300 levels), as well as elevator access. They also have wider seats with the 600 level being 2 inches wider than the 700 level. These areas of the stadium also have greater quantities of restrooms and concessions per capita meaning shorter waits for use of those facilities.

They are in sections with three digit numbers starting with a 6 for the 600 level and a 7 for the 700 level.

Indoor & Outdoor Club Seating

The Club Seats were installed with the stadium renovation completed in 2003. There are two types of Club Seats, indoor and outdoor. Both types give you access to the exclusive “Stadium Club” area on the upper east concourse, with many food beverage specialty stands, bars, restaurants, and executive styled restrooms, as well as the new viewing platform below the North Endzone Scoreboard.

Click here for club seating diagrams and information

Club seat ticket holders may also use the new Bellin Health gate, available only to a private suite and club seat holders, to access their seats. Access is via elevators and escalators. Only Club Seat and Private Suite patrons have access to the “Stadium Club”. The differences between the Outdoor and Indoor Club Seats are explained below:

Outdoor Club Seats:

These are above the 100 level outdoor bench seats. They are located in the sections with three-digit numbers, starting with “4”, and extend along the east sidelines. (Examples: sections 403-435) There are about ten rows in each section. The outdoor club seats have comfortable molded chairs with seat backs and cup holders. You may order food and beverages from the various kiosks and concessions stands in the Stadium Club area, as well as access to the new North Loft viewing deck below the North End Zone Scoreboard. There is no protection from inclement weather without entering the adjacent “Stadium Club” area.

Indoor Club Seats:

These are all located at the NORTH END of the stadium, above the 300 level seating. They are inside, in a setting similar to the skyboxes, but designed for use by individual patrons. They are located in the sections with three-digit numbers, starting with “4” and “6”. (Examples: sections 470-492 and 670-694) Since they are inside, they are climate controlled, with heating in the cold seasons and air conditioning during warm weather games.

You are fully sheltered from rain, snow and inclement weather. You may order food and beverages from the various kiosks and concessions stands in the Stadium Club area, as well as access the new North Loft viewing deck below the North End Zone scoreboard. Television monitors are positioned so you can view play by play, and replays from your seats.

The Champions Club:

The Champions Club seating area was completed in 2013 and is located at the very top of the South Endzone near the South Scoreboard. In this area, those sitting in the Champions Club enjoy an indoor panoramic view of the stadium. These club seats are indoors behind glass and afford the opportunity to enter a sheltered area where the game can be viewed from TV monitors. There is a small table situated between each pair of Champions Club seats. The seats themselves are comfortable with padded seat backs and cup-holders. A unique benefit to patrons in this club seating area is the inclusions of unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverage in the purchase price. Unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages are accessed in an adjacent serving area. Champions club seats are sold “by the seat.”

Private Suites & Terrace Suites (Skyboxes)

The private suites and terrace suites (both sometimes referred to as “skyboxes”) are located around the top of the stadium. The private suites extend on each side from about the endline area to the middle of the field. The terrace suites were completed in 2013 and are situated in the South endzone area. A description of the two different types of suites follows below.

Private Suites:

As mentioned above, the private suites extend on each side of the stadium from about the endline area to the middle of the field. There are three levels, and the private suites are designated with four-digit numbers, beginning with “4”, “5” and “6”. (Examples: 4000-4050, 5000-5067 and 6000-6067). Patrons may access the Private Suite level through the Belling Health gate, available only to private suite and club seat ticket holders.

Most private suites have a capacity of 16-20 persons, but a few are larger. As of 2018 all suites have been remodeled and now include windows that open with heaters overhead to allow you to truly experience Lambeau Field while enjoying the comfort of your own private suite. The private suites are very luxurious with comfortable seating, wide expansive glass viewing of the field, temperature controlled comfort, television monitors, lots of cupboards, storage, and counter space, a table, clothes closet, refrigerator, ice makers and many other amenities. They offer privacy for your exclusive group of friends, customers or colleagues. Food and beverages are ordered before the game by you from an extensive catering menu. The Skyboxes are sold on a unit basis by the game or season and are sold as a part of a package of entertaining features and amenities. They are sometimes sold on a seat-by-seat basis.

Private suite patrons may also access the North Loft viewing deck located below the North End Zone Scoreboard, and enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the game.

Terrace Suites:

The Terrace Suites were completed in 2013. Unlike the Private Suites described above, the Terrace Suites are situated in the endzone, specifically the 5000 level in the South endzone (for example 5068, 5070, etc). The Terrace Suites differ from the “Private Suites” in that they have an inside area with a TV and a table with chairs. Also included is an outside open-air section of the stadium that is not protected from the elements and has ten seats giving you the best two ways to enjoy Lambeau field. In addition unlike the Private Suites described above, where you purchase food (plus fountain beverages and water) for Terrace Suite guests is included complimentary with the purchase price of the Terrace Suite. There is a location on the Terrace Suite level where patrons may select unlimited food, water, and fountain beverages from a myriad of choices. Alcoholic beverages and other beverages are also available for sale.

The Terrace Suites are sold on a unit basis, by the game or season, and are sold as part of a package of entertaining features and amenities. They are rarely sold on a seat by seat basis.

Terrace Suite Level Floor Plan: