Brazil Terms & Conditions

By placing your order through this company for event tickets, game or event packages, event tours or other products, services or merchandise, you agree to be subject to these terms and conditions.


Some of our events and packages occur in foreign countries. As such, you are required to have and keep with you a valid passport and/or other proper identification documents. We are not responsible for you not completing your travel or any aspect of these events if you do not have proper credentials. You MUST have your passport at least 45 days before you travel and if your passport is scheduled to expire within 6 months of your travel date you will need to renew it. Click here for more details on applying or renewing a passport.


Should your flight be cancelled or delayed, for any reason, you MUST contact the airline directly as all flights are subject to each airlines’ policies and procedures. Event USA is not responsible for any hardships caused by airline delays, modification or cancellations. 


Should a venue’s seating capacity be significantly decreased, for any reason, then Event USA reserves the right to cancel any orders that may be affected as a result of such a decrease.


In the event that any team, artist, promoter or venue require proof of vaccination or negative test for any health condition, including but not limited to COVID-19, as a requirement for entry to any event, the buyer agrees to so comply and that Event USA is not responsible for any claims of non-entry, nor shall any refund be made because of non-entry because of noncompliance. We encourage you to check well in advance of your departure on any current CDC, government and venue requirements.


Should a customer test positive for COVID-19 and, therefore, be unable to attend the event and/or package, Event USA is not required to make any refund for the purchase price. To avoid the risk of such an occurrence, we strongly encourage that our customers consider purchasing travel insurance which will cover them for such an eventuality. Event USA recommends purchasing travel insurance through Travel Guard, as no refunds are made if you cannot attend the event or use the package or any portion of it for any reason whatsoever. Information regarding package and trip cancellation insurance for tour packages is available online through Travel Guard at or at 1-800-826-1300.


Where a customer has purchased a ticket or package that includes a ticket for a precise seating location and that location is no longer available, Event USA reserves the right to substitute an alternate comparable location, or an alternate other location should a comparable location not be reasonably available. In the event that the substituted location is of a lesser value than the original location ordered, a partial refund shall be made to the customer regarding the lesser value, such refund to be determined in the sole discretion of Event USA.


In placing an order where lodging is involved, we request that you include the names of all members of your party, the credit card holder’s billing address, email and day and night phone numbers. Due to credit card rules, all documents will be shipped to the billing address associated with the credit card. Credit card orders must have an exact match of cardholder name and billing address. We cannot ship to another person or another address.


Please note that for some of the packages there may be more than one hotel option available. In the event that the hotel that you selected for your package is unavailable for any reason, we reserve the right to substitute another reasonably comparable hotel.


Adjoining room and other rooming preferences will be honored in the order received. These requests CANNOT be guaranteed, but we usually can accommodate most requests. ORDER EARLY for best success.


There may be various bed types available when you make your reservation, such as single-bedded rooms, two bedded rooms, pullouts and related. Bed types are not guaranteed and subject to the hotel’s availability.


Sorry, no. Ticket and Package prices can change many times before the start of the game, with ticket prices in particular possibly varying multiple times per week or even per day. Likewise, we don’t ask you to pay the difference when prices rise, as event tickets are like commodities where the price you pay varies depending on market conditions at the time of purchase.

We try to keep our prices relatively stable over time but due to supply and demand as well as the costs associated therewith, pricing is adjusted accordingly. We always advise buying early which guarantees your place in the stadium, at the location you chose; if you wait, those particular seats may not be available any longer especially with the most popular games.


Event USA does not provide trip insurance on any orders purchased through us. NOTE: Insurance purchase is recommended and there are many options available, as no refunds are made if you cannot attend the event or use the package or any portion of it for any reason whatsoever. 


Most Air Package pricing is all-inclusive which includes the event ticket as specified, airfare from the departure point as indicated in the listing, all amenities shown in the listing (unless they are shown as optional add-ons or enhancements), and any applicable taxes and handling charges. Additional optional upgraded seating, additional baggage fees, optional excursions or sightseeing tours, other options to upgrade or enhance the packages, etc. are not included within the base package price. Please call (920) 722-5377 for more details.


A $500 non-refundable deposit may be placed at the time of booking your package in lieu of full payment on orders placed prior to 5/6/24. After 5/6/24 a $2500 non-refundable deposit may be placed at the time of booking your package in lieu of full payment on orders placed. The remaining balance will be charged on the original card provided on July 1, 2024.  If you wish to use a different credit card for the balance due, this can be done if we receive in writing notification of the change with the new payment method by July 1, 2024.  Please send any such correspondence to


There are NO CANCELLATIONS on any orders, whether for event tickets or tours, travel or game packages, or other products or services. All sales are final with no cancellations or refunds permitted. All deposits are NON REFUNADABLE and your credit card WILL be charged in full for the remaining balance on 7/1/24. Any payments made to our suppliers for any part of a package, product or services on behalf of an order are the sole responsibility of the person placing the order. Orders are considered final once a client hits the “Submit” button when they order on-line or places an order over the telephone. FURTHERMORE, NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS ARE PERMITTED BASED UPON THE INABILITY TO ATTEND THE EVENT OR TO USE A PACKAGE OR ANY PORTION OF IT REGARDLESS OF THE REASON, WHETHER IT BE DUE TO WEATHER, ILLNESS, TRAVEL ISSUES, ACT OF TERRORISM, PANDEMIC OR ANY OTHER REASON. In that regard, we highly recommend that you consider travel insurance and can supply information on that if desired.


When any of our packages or products are rewarded in a contest or giveaway, there shall be no cancellations or refunds applicable.


In the unusual circumstance that the event that you ordered has its date or time or venue changed, we cannot be held responsible, nor can we issue refunds or accept cancellations. One example of this occurring is where the NFL under its “Flexible Schedule Policy” changes a game time. Another example is where the game or event date itself is moved to a different day, even if that new date is many weeks or months away.   In the case of packages that include event tickets, we will always fulfill our obligation to include all elements of the package, at alternate times, if an event date or time changes.  In rare instances, circumstances may not permit that, and an appropriate refund for the value of that element/s will be made. We encourage those who are scheduling air to attend an event to consider that the event time might change when booking your return flights, as we cannot be responsible for missed flights due to event time changes. Where the event is completely canceled (not just rescheduled to a different time, date and/or venue), unless otherwise stated at the time of order, we will issue a credit under your name for the purchase price (less shipping and handling) or for any components we receive a refund on, which credit can be used towards any future purchases with us. In the event we are not able to secure a refund from a vendor, such as the hotel or airline vendor, NO credit will be made on those portions of the trip. No refunds are made, but only credit issued. Where a specific player, players or performer is unable to play, perform or appear, or in the case of a game where any ancillary entertainment such as pre-game, halftime or post activities, performers or ceremonies have changed or been canceled, or the length of the game or event is shortened, but the main game or event itself is not canceled, no refunds or cancellations of orders will be accepted nor refunds or credits made. In the rare case that a game is completely canceled due to a work stoppage, employee lockout or employee strike, health crisis or emergency situation, and not postponed and rescheduled, we will offer a credit of the purchase price for any unused components, less any handling/service fees, as indicated above.


By placing an order, you acknowledge that all event attendees must have an admission ticket or will not be permitted into the stadium and that your attendance is absolutely subject to all terms and conditions, rules and regulations and codes of behavior imposed by the venues, teams, leagues and/or performers involved. No refunds are made where your attendance is prevented, you are ejected or your possessions are lost or confiscated due to your alleged violation of these conditions. The tickets that you purchase from us are valid and, if someone is sitting in your seat when you arrive, it is your responsibility to ask them to move or ask an usher to seat you. Furthermore, you agree to abide by all rules and policies of the venue where the event is located relating to conduct and behavior. Should you or the person/s you put into the seats be ejected from the event for failure to abide by the venue’s rules and policies, you shall be subject to all applicable fines and legal or other expenses associated with the ejection. Further, should the ejection result in the loss of the TICKET SELLER’s right to use any other season tickets at that venue, or the right to purchase other tickets from that venue, you shall be held liable for all reasonable costs, expenses, and losses associated with said loss, including but not limited to all direct, indirect, vicarious, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profits.