A Reminder…Packers Fans the Greatest in the World!

Thanks to customer, Barbara Ann, for reminding us once again that not only are Packers fans the greatest supporters of their team but are also the “best sports” and nicest people out there. Here is Barbara’s email to us today:

I can’t tell you how happy I am you are watching out for us!  When we came out to Green Bay for a game, we fell in love with your team, people and the whole area. Everyone was nice to us.
An additional story for you……I told my son-in-law, a Giants fan, how nice the people were. I swore to him that my friend was wearing her Dallas jersey when we were in Green Bay. We were invited to tailgate parties, house parties on the street and people were so nice in the stands.
So the son-in-law got a group of guys together and went to the Packer Giant game in Green Bay. They were on a quest to find the meanest Packer fan. They wore everything Giants. Many Packer fans offered them a beer, invited them to their tailgate parties.
They were all shocked. They even told some Packers supporters that they were on a quest to find the meanest Packer fan! They laughed and said you won’t find any! He was right, they never found any! He called me several times to express his shock and to say he was having the best time ever at a game!!!!
Sorry this was so wordy but I wanted to share this story with you to let you know that you are as nice and kind as any fan we met.
Thanks again for helping us get affordable tickets in Dallas.

Barb’s story is not surprising as we witness the attitude of Packers fans every day and it is this passion and spirit of camaraderie and good will that make us happy that we do what we do….work to help fans from all over to experience Packers football in the most entertaining and fulfilling way we can!!