Hall of Fame Game Cancellation

We were sorry that the Hall of Fame/NFL cancelled the Hall of Fame game BETWEEN THE Packers and the Colts on August 7, 2016 with very slight notice, due to unsafe playing field conditions.
And while we were happy to know that many of the events scheduled for that evening continued on in the stadium, such as the introduction of the eight Hall of Fame inductees, the Packers and Colts teams lining up for the ceremony, and the “halftime” performance, we understand that the game not being played was an extreme disappointment for all attendees. It was for us, as well.
The Hall of Fame has announced that game ticket purchase refunds will be made, starting soon. Accordingly, we are making game ticket refunds to all our customers who bought game tickets and, for packages that included game tickets, refunds for the game ticket components at the issue price.

When am I getting the refund?

  • Customers who paid by credit card should see a credit on that card within the next few days.
  • Customers who paid by check or cash will receive a refund check, within the next week.
  • If the purchase was made by credit card more than (180) days ago, the refund will be made by check.

The refunds will be issued to our customers directly from us and not from the Hall of Fame.
We appreciate very much your business and your patience regarding this situation.