Rough week for Packers’ former, soon-to-be former?

Chiefs and John Dorsey part ways; Ahman Green and Letroy Guion arrested…

By Chris Havel
Special to Event USA
GREEN BAY, Wis. – This past week is why NFL head coaches dread the time between now and the start of training camp. It’s also why GM’s aren’t too fond of it, either, as in the case of Kansas City’s decision to cut ties with John Dorsey.
There’s that, which doesn’t make much sense, and then there’s former and current players’ foolishness. It makes for salacious headlines while it keeps coaches up at night.
Ahman Green, the Packers’ all-time leading rusher, was allegedly arrested, according to reports. Details at the time of this writing were still sketchy.
What is known is that Green reportedly was arrested regarding child abuse charges. Beyond that I have no desire to speculate, but rather prefer to let the proper authorities comment.
At any rate, it’s one of the Packers’ all-time greats in the news for the wrong reasons.
Then there is Letroy Guion, or as I like to say, with all due respect to the great Bob Uecker, “Get up! Get up! Get outta here! Guion!!!”
I haven’t checked in 24 hours, so I’m not sure if Guion is still on the Packers’ roster. I’m not sure what his current designation is, something like, “active/suspended” or some such nonsense.
He was scheduled to miss the first four games due to a suspension. Last week, while celebrating his 30th birthday in Hawaii, Guion was arrested on DUI charges. According to reports his breath analysis was .086, just barely above the legal limit.
Still, that’s no excuse. By driving impaired (allegedly), Guion endangered himself and others. He also exercised no judgment in terms of his NFL career.
I’m not sure of the excuses.
Too much free time, too much money and not enough common sense can lead to trouble for some players.
This isn’t Guion’s first brush with the law. It also may be the first time the Packers choose not to look the other way.
I’m all for second chances for players. In Guion’s case, he is being a very selfish teammate. Apparently he is very popular in the locker room. Frankly, I fail to see the attraction, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The Packers obviously value what he brings to the field, although I’m still not sure exactly what that is.
Guion was good enough and available enough to start 15 of 16 games last season.Quick, raise your hand when you think of that crazy awesome moment when Guion made you go, “Wow!”
OK. Never mind.
It was purely a rhetorical question.
Guion was in on 50 tackles with one pass defended in 2016. In the postseason, he had seven tackles in three games.
That doesn’t qualify as a “must have” player on the field. I’ve never been comfortable with the double-standard that the greater the player, the more latitude given for misdeeds.
Sadly, though, it’s the truth.
In Guion’s case, we’re not talking about Reggie White, for gosh sake’s. That goes for on and off the field. In fact, I was reluctant to put Guion and White in the same sentence, although it helps make the point. There’s right and wrong.
Guion knows the difference. He’s a smart cat. I’ve always thought he provided a sense of quiet confidence in the locker room. Now, I’m not sure what he provides, other than an almost guaranteed off-the-field distraction.
It makes Guion look bad. It makes the Packers look bad.
It doesn’t help the next player who slips up, either.
My guess is the Packers – who’ve done a fine job of drafting character – will only take so much. Frankly, I’m surprised Guion was still employed when I fired up the computer today.
Mike Pennel is another example of a player whom the Packers’ coaching staff defended, only to have the player let them down.
Snaps, practice time and opportunities come at a premium in the NFL. It’s especially true with teams as talented as the Packers, who harbor Super Bowl aspirations for good reason.
They can’t afford to let the Letroy Guions of the NFL bring them down. You’ve got to be able to count on one another. That’s simply no longer true in this instance.
Whether Guion finds employment elsewhere isn’t the Packers’ concern. What should be is doing everything to enable the team to reach its goal.
Guion is pulling in the wrong direction.