Packers’ pre-camp moves I’d like to see

Make Aaron Rodgers a Packer for life;
Cut dead weight and release Guion …

By Chris Havel
Special to Event USA
GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Green Bay Packers open training camp in 10 days.
Their fans will be awash in anticipation.
It’s a terrific time because everything and anything is possible. Visions of winning a Super Bowl at the Vikings’ very own U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis dance their fans’ heads.
It signals the unofficial start of the season, which suggests it’s time to get to work. Actually, I’ve got a list of moves the Packers should make between now and then.
I say why wait?
Here are moves the Packers should make before camp opens:
** Aaron Rodgers should be a Packer-for-life.
The Packers’ front office realizes it needs to extend its star quarterback, who at 33 looks to be in line for a multi-year deal that reach to the ripe old age of 40.
I say the sooner the better.
Each time a lesser quarterback signs a new deal – see the Raiders’ Derek Carr – the cost of doing business with Rodgers goes up. He plays like he ought to be paid top dollar, so do it.
Rodgers is a mere three touchdown passes shy of 300. That career milestone – which should come no later than Week 2 – serves as a gentle reminder of his greatness.
He has displayed a sense of urgency and commitment that is unparalleled. He leads by example and on game day he delivers. The plan needs to include contingencies so another “Brett Favre to the Vikings” never happens again.
** Why is Letroy Guion still on the Packers’ roster?
The answer likely has to do with due process, contractual obligations and other minutia.
Beyond that there’s no reason to keep him.
The Packers placed their trust in Guion following his arrest for a DUI, marijuana and gun possession, as well as carrying an excess of $280,000 in cash a while back.
Guion repaid them by being arrested on DUI charges while celebrating his 30th birthday in Hawaii.
Perhaps there are extenuating circumstances that haven’t been made public, but the report that has been released isn’t pretty.
Guion was inebriated – he blew a .086 – and his vehicle reeked of marijuana, according to the arrest report.
That doesn’t make him a horrible person.
It just makes him practically unemployable – at least I would think – by a team with serious Super Bowl aspirations.
To keep Guion is to reward selfish behavior, including an absolute lack of good judgment and respect for coaches and teammates. A lot of people who’ve dedicated their careers to winning are counting on Guion to deliver.
Frankly, I don’t think the pain is worth the production.
He started 15 of 16 games in 2016, but that was on one of the NFL’s undoubtedly worst defensive lines.
For the most part, it appeared rookie Kenny Clark was left to handle his business, because it wasn’t as if Guion was eating up blockers.
Where’s the upside? I’m not seeing it.
** While the Packers’ Justin Vogel is pursuing employment as the punter I’d like to see him do it in a different jersey number.
Vogel, a rookie from Miami, isn’t to blame.
He probably took whatever jersey number the team gave him. I doubt Vogel is looking to make waves. He’s here to make the team.
The fact that he’s doing so in a No. 5 jersey is the problem.
Paul Hornung is one of the Packers’ greatest players of all time. Whether numbers are retired is another discussion. The reality is that the Packers have OTHER NUMBERS to give to the punter. Why does it have to be Hornung’s number?
It’s an insult to one of the game’s all-time greatest scorers.
Back in the Glory Years the notion of Hornung sprinting onto the field would spark images of terrific offensive plays.
Now, when No. 5 trots onto the field, it’s to punt, which happens to be one of the ultimate concessions to poor offensive play.
When things go badly teams punt.
I like Vogel and I wish him well.
I’d just like to see him doing his thing with another jersey number. This is like issuing the No. 66 to a long snapper, or a kicker. I can only imagine what Ray Nitschke would think.