Seller FAQ:

Q: Do you have to transfer tickets electronically?

A: Yes as of 2022 all ticket to Lambeau Field are electronic without exception.

 Q: How do I transfer my tickets to you?

A: Transferring ticket to us is quick and easy!

To transfer tickets using a Mobile Device app click here.

To transfer tickets using your Desktop or though a website click here.

Q: Who do I transfer my tickets to?

 A: Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the account shown on the ticket purchase AGREEMENT that was emailed to you (above your contact info).

Q: How/when is payment made?

 A: A check will be issued and mailed to the ticket seller, the day after we receive the seller’s signed purchase AGREEMENT and their tickets have been transferred to our account.

Q: Does the quantity of tickets matter when it comes to prices (ex 2 or more)?

 A: Yes, the size of the ticket grouping will have an impact on the per ticket price. Larger groups will be paid more per ticket.

 Q: Do I have to come in the office to sell? 

 A: No you do not need to come into our office to sell tickets. In fact the vast majority of people prefer to call in. And we will have an online quoting system available later on during the 2022 season. However, if you wish to come into our office to sell your tickets then we will be happy to help you!

Q: Do you buy pre season tickets?

 A: We typically only buy pre-season tickets as part of a package of tickets that also contains regular season tickets.

 Q: Do you buy Brown County lottery tickets?

A: At this time we are not purchasing Brown county lottery tickets.