Rodgers not immune to locker room shenanigans

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‘] NFL locker rooms are equitable places.
No one is immune to the occasional prank.
Yesterday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was holding court with the media, after they were told he only had a few minutes.
Instead, they only got a few questions in, as Rodgers got a face-full of shaving cream, according to Jason Wilde of
“I think you have to start looking toward next week to be honest with you,” Rodgers said. “This week is really for the young guys, we’ve got 75 guys and we have to cut 22 to get down to our beginning-of-the-season roster, so a lot of jobs are up for grabs for those guys.
“I think for the 1s, we kind of want to get in, get out and not have anybody …”
Hit in the face with a pie, apparently, because that’s when fullback John Kuhn swooped in and nailed Rodgers in the face with a towel full of shaving cream.
Wilde has the video, and noted that Rodgers “did seem somewhat perturbed by it,” as he quickly retreated.
Guessing that if Kuhn doesn’t know how Rodgers feels, he will soon. Even if it’s all in good fun, you have to take care of the quarterback.
(Photo credit: Pat Mayo, WBAY-TV)
[source] – by Darren Gant