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Cross the Packers Fan off Your Gift List with Event USA

The holiday season has officially arrived in Titletown, USA.  Days are short, skies are gray, festive lights are shining and the first snow already fell.  Many are turning their sights to the fast-approaching Christmas holiday.  It’s the time of year replete with traditions held dear by so many:  faith, family and football.   All three

2015-2016 Postseason Games

The Packers are officially in the postseason! However, they will not play any games at home for the first or second rounds. It’s possible the Packers could host the NFC Championship Game if they and Seattle (5 and 6 seeds, respectively) would face each other after the first 2 rounds, beating out Carolina and Arizona. Here’s some more information on the potential games the Packers could play and what needs to happen for Green Bay to play each game. You can also order Green Bay at Washington road game packages now!

Grab Your Spot for Packers Playoffs This Weekend!

2014-15 Green Bay Packers Playoff Games It’s that time once again! The Packers are in the playoffs and as the Official Game Package Company of the Green Bay Packers, we can get you to any game the Packers are playing in. See below for details on our Wild Card, Divisional, and NFC Championship Game Packages.  

Packers at Panthers Divisional Road Playoff Game Now Available!

The Saints beat the Eagles in the Wild Card round, which means the Packers would face the Panthers in Charlotte in the 2nd Round of the NFL playoffs with a win against the 49ers. But you don’t have to wait until the Packers clinch… reserve your spot now with no obligation unless the Packers win!