General Trip Information

What is the itinerary/where are we going?
Day Number Day of Week Date Port Location Arrival Time Departure Time
1 MON 03/14/2022 Tampa, Florida   4:00 PM
2 TUE 03/15/2022 Cruising    
3 WED 03/16/2022 Cozumel, Mexico 7:00 AM 4:00 PM
4 THU 03/17/2022 George Town, Grand Cayman 10:00 AM 7:00 PM
5 FRI 03/18/2022 Cruising    
6 SAT 03/19/2022 Tampa, Florida 7:00 AM
Which port are we leaving from? What time should I arrive at the port?

We depart from the Port of Tampa. We recommend arriving between 12:00 and 2:30PM on the day of departure.

What is the port address?

Port of Tampa Bay
815 Channelside Drive
Tampa, Florida 33602


Royal Caribbean Directions to Tampa, Florida Cruise Terminal:

From Tampa International Airport (10 miles):

  • Exit the Airport and follow signs to I-275 North.
  • I-275 merges with I-4 East.
  • Take I-4 East to Exit #1 (Ybor City).
  • Go south on 21st Street, turn right on Adamo Drive (Hwy 60).
  • Turnleft (south) on Channelside Drive.
  • Cruise Terminal 3 main entrance is approximately 5 blocks South on Channelside Drive.
  • Entrance is on the left at Cumberland Street.
  • In the event of a last minute change in pier assignments, signage will indicate the assigned terminal for your particular ship
Will parking be available at the Port of Tampa?

A parking garage is located at 810 Channelside Drive, across the street from Terminal 3. The parking fee is approximately $15 per day (subject to change), and is payable upon entry into the parking area in the form of cash or credit card. For additional parking information please call (813) 905-7678.
* All rates and prices are subject to change.
** Royal Caribbean is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles.

What transportation options are available to get to a Royal Caribbean departure port terminal? How do I purchase a transfer?

You may wish to purchase ground transportation to the ship. We will make transfers available for purchase from the arrival airport to the pier around 6 weeks prior to sailing. It is recommended that transfers to the port are purchased two weeks prior to sailing. Please look for information about this closer to the sailing date or contact our customer service center. Royal Caribbean makes port transfers available during the sailing from the pier to the departure airport—please visit the RCC customer service desk for assistance.

If you are close enough (or you like road trips) you can also drive to the departure port. Parking is typically available on a first-come, first-served basis at most piers for a minimal fee. But every pier does vary.

Are flights included?

Guests are responsible for booking their own flights to and from Tampa. If you would like assistance with flights, you are welcome to call our travel division, Traveler’s Service at 412- 232-3600. Please fill out this travel form and an agent will contact you with flight options: https://forms.monday.com/forms/aa077d9a3e9bebc3bf8a58807cf0381f

For arrival flights, please allow adequate time to be able to arrive at the cruise terminal between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM. It is suggested that your departure flight should be booked for 12:00 PM or later.

Sales & Booking

How do I pay for my cruise?

After the initial per person deposit, you are welcome to set up a payment plan for no additional fee or pay your cruise in full. The payment plan will divide the balance equally into payments until the final payment date, December 15th, 2021. Payments can be made with a debit or credit card (5% processing fee) or by ACH using your checking and routing number (no fee). Payments will be automatically withdrawn every 15th of the month. Please note that if your payment is declined, you will be subject to a $30.00 fee. If you’d like to change your form of payment, you must do so by the 10th of the month.

If no payment is received within a 60 day period, your reservation will be cancelled.

Where do I purchase travel insurance?

The Preferred Plan offered by Travel Guard is available for purchase through a Leadership League Cruise reservation website. Please visit https://www.travelguard.com/travel-insurance/plans/preferred to learn more about coverage under their Gold Plan. To book travel insurance, give us a call at 877.381.5553 or add travel insurance using your online account.

How do I receive my Booking ID Number and register with Royal Caribbean?

The passenger listed as ‘primary’ on your reservation will receive a booking ID number from us via email that is to be used to register with Royal Caribbean. After you receive your booking ID number and register with Royal Caribbean, you are still able to add on special events through our website, as we will still have access to your reservation.

I have a crown and anchor membership; will I get credit for this cruise?

Yes! You are welcome to call or email us with your membership number and we’ll be happy to add that to your reservation and notify the cruise line. After receiving your booking ID number and you’ve registered with the cruise line, you are also able to pass along your membership number to a Royal Caribbean representative to receive credit for the cruise.

Are my room gratuities paid for?

Yes, room gratuities and main dining room gratuities are included with your cruise fare.

When can I purchase drink packages/specialty dining packages/wifi packages/excursions?

Once you have received your Booking ID number (usually 60-90 days prior to sailing), you will then be able to log in to www.royalcaribbean.com and complete your registration. Upon completion of registration, you will then be able to start customizing your cruise by adding excursions, drink packages, specialty dining and internet packages etc. Please note that these items must be purchased directly through the cruise line and are not sold through Leadership League.

I am traveling alone, how does pricing work?

Guests traveling solo will be charged for their experience of choice plus the entrance package price per cabin selection because all cabin prices are based on double occupancy. Solo travelers are required to pay for double occupancy; however, solo travelers are only responsible for paying taxes, fees and gratuities for one person.

I am traveling with an infant/toddler, do I still need to pay full price for him or her?

Yes, in accordance with the cruise line’s guidelines, all passengers regardless of age are required to pay for participation. 3rd or 4th guests in a cabin are discounted regardless of age.


Travel Documentation & Regulations

Will I need a passport? What if I do not have a passport? Am I able to use a passport card?

While a passport book is strongly recommended, you are able to use your original birth certificate (with raised seal) in conjunction with a photo ID (i.e. driver’s license) for this cruise. If your name has changed and differs from the last name on your birth certificate, please bring your original marriage license or other proof of name change. Passport cards, Real ID’s or any other form of documentation other than what is listed above may not be used. Please note that any individuals who would need to fly out of a foreign port would not be able to do so with their birth certificate or passport card.

Can I use my birth certificate/name change documentation (marriage certificate)?

While a passport is recommended, you are able to use your original birth certificate (with raised seal) in conjunction with your photo ID (i.e. driver’s license) for this cruise. If your name has changed and differs from the last name on your birth certificate, please bring your original marriage license.

I read that 6 months validity is needed when using a passport for this cruise, is that true?

It is recommended that your passport has at least 6 months validity, however you are still able to board the ship using your passport. Please note that while you are able to use a passport that expires within 6 months of the sailing date, you will be unable to use your passport to fly out of a foreign port, should that be necessary.

I will be traveling with a child 17 years or younger, is a passport required or can the minor use their birth certificate to board? What documentation is needed for the child?

While a passport is strongly recommended, the child is able to use their original birth certificate (with raised seal), no other documentation is necessary. However, in the event that the child’s guardian must stay in port in an emergency situation, the child will be unable to fly back to the U.S. using his or her birth certificate. A passport is strongly recommended for this reason.


Experience Packages

What is the Entrance Experience?

The Entrance Package was built for those guests who would like to join their friends or family members on the cruise but may not necessarily want to participate in all of the fan experiences. Entrance package holders have perks and are still able to attend some events, including the welcome aboard show and our photo sessions with the players! Entrance package holders are also able to participate in the silent and live auctions and have the ability to purchase special events! Entrance package holders will receive a Cruise lanyard which will identify them as part of our group.

Do I need to purchase an experience package for my infant/toddler?

Children under 4 years of age at the time of sailing do not need to pay for an experience package and will be able to attend all events with their guardians.

Can we mix and match packages on our reservation?

Yes! Guests within a reservation can mix and match packages to suit the individual experience preferences for each guest.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my experience package throughout the year?

Yes! Guests are welcome to upgrade or downgrade packages at any time before sailing. *Guests choosing to downgrade their experience package must purchase the package at the current rate.