Super Bowl Survey

Greetings Packer Fans,

With the team having a tremendous season, prospects for the Packers to play in the Super Bowl are on the rise. So we wanted to reach out to you and get your opinion on some things. It’s expected that attendance will be dramatically curtailed by the NFL at the Super Bowl in Tampa this year. This could likely result in scarcity for tickets and, unfortunately, higher prices. We wanted to know what your interest level is so we can plan accordingly to accommodate all of our customers who want to attend. Therefore, if you could respond to these questions it would be greatly appreciated:

Welcome to your Super Bowl Survey

On a scale of 1 to 5, one being the highest interest and 5 being no interest, what is your interest in attending the Super Bowl if the Packers advance?

Are you interested in just game tickets or a package with Hotel and tickets and related amenities?

Would you be interested in buying a package with hotel and other amenities that would not include game tickets, allowing you to acquire those on your own or separately?

How important is it to you that a package include air, assuming you’re coming from Wisconsin?

How important is it to you that a package include a pregame tailgate party?

If you’re interested in a package that includes hotel, how many nights day would you prefer:

If you’re interested in game tickets only, what range of prices might you be interested in purchasing at depending on location within the stadium?

If you’re interested in a game package which includes tickets and hotel and related on site amenities, at what price point might you be willing to purchase?