New South Endzone Seating at Lambeau Field for 2013!

In 2013, Lambeau field was expanded to add new seating in the south end zone. Here is an overview of the new areas:

600 & 700 Level Seating

These seats were constructed as part of the 2013 renovation of Lambeau Field. They are located in the South End Zone and Corner Areas of the stadium, and are above the 300 level.
They are regarded as more luxurious seating as they have seat backs and cupholders (unlike the bench seats in the 100 and 300 levels), as well as elevator access. They also have wider seats with the 600 level being 2 inches wider than the 700 level. These areas of the stadium also have greater quantities of restrooms and concessions per capita meaning shorter waits for use of those facilities.
They are in sections with three digit numbers starting with a 6 for the 600 level and a 7 for the 700 level.

New Terrace Level Private Suites

The Terrace Suites were completed in 2013. Unlike the Private Suites described above, the Terrace Suites are situated in the endzone, specifically the 5000 level in the South endzone (for example 5068, 5070, etc). The Terrace Suites differ from the “Private Suites” in that they are open air viewing areas, whereas the Private Suites described above are completely enclosed glass viewing areas. Terrace Suites have a capacity of 10 to 12 persons. The guests in each Terrace Suite are seated in an open air section of the stadium and not protected from the elements. However, there is also an inside viewing area where guests can view the game from monitors. Also, unlike the Private Suites described above, where you purchase food from a catering menu, all food (plus fountain beverages and water) for Terrace Suite guests is included complimentary with the purchase price of the Terrace Suite. There is a location on the Terrace Suite level where patrons may select unlimited food, water, and fountain beverages from a myriad of choices. Alcoholic beverages and other beverages are also available for sale.

The terrace suites are sold on a unit basis, by the game or season, and are sold as part of a package of entertaining features and amenities. They are rarely sold on a seat by seat basis.

The Champions Club:

The Champions Club seating area was completed in 2013 and is located at the very top of the South endzone near the South Scoreboard. In this area, those sitting in the Champions Club enjoy an open air, panoramic view of the stadium. These club seats are not behind glass, but do afford the opportunity to enter a sheltered area where the game can be viewed from TV monitors. There is a small table situated between each pair of Champions Club seats. The seats themselves are comfortable with padded seat backs and cup-holders. A unique benefit to patrons in this club seating area is the inclusions of unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverage in the purchase price. Unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages are accessed in an adjacent serving area. Champions club seats are sold “by the seat.”