Packers unveil 50-foot Lombardi Trophy at Lambeau Field

Attention visiting Packers fans… when you come to Lambeau Field, you’ll want to see this! According to the trophy’s fabrication artists, it may be the largest structure ever to be chromed.Richard Ryman, from Press-Gazette writes:

Only the Green Bay Packers could display a 50-foot replica of the NFL’s most revered trophy and not be guilty of hubris. You can do that sort of thing when the trophy is named after your iconic coach and you won the first two Super Bowls. And two since.
The Lombardi Trophy replica is in the lobby of the American Family Gate on the east side of Lambeau Field. It weighs 14.5 tons with a foam and metal infrastructure, and according to Dan Gokey of Insane Paint in Marinette is the largest structure ever to be chromed.

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