Ron Wolf considers Brett Favre the greatest Packer ever

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‘] Brett Favre’s retirements and unretirements became such a sideshow that a once-beloved quarterback turned into a villain in the eyes of Packers fans. But the man who brought Favre to Green Bay still thinks he’s the best player ever to play for the team.
Former Packers General Manager Ron Wolf, who traded a first-round draft pick to acquire Favre from the Falcons in 1992, told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he still believes he acquired the all-time best Packers player when he made that move.
“To me, Brett Favre and I are like connected at the hips,” Wolf said. “I feel strong loyalty to Brett Favre. When I got here, Don Huston was the greatest player ever to play for the Green Bay Packers. I think everybody will tell you now, the greatest player ever to play for the Packers is Brett Favre. That’s his legacy.”
Wolf said he doesn’t follow the news out of Green Bay closely enough to know what the current relationship between Favre and the Packers is, but he acknowledged that it made things extremely difficult when Favre tried to come out of retirement after the Packers had already declared Aaron Rodgers their starter.
“I’m not familiar with any schism, because I’m not around here,” Wolf said. “He retired, and I watched all of that from Florida. And then suddenly he came back, and I always felt that was a situation that no matter what happened the Packers would never be right. There wouldn’t be any way they could be right until that thing worked itself out. Now, fortunately for Ted Thompson, Aaron Rodgers has come in and just played lights out. And you know, Brett was one timeout from taking his team in Minnesota to the Super Bowl [in 2009].”
Wolf also called Rodgers “unquestionably the top quarterback in the NFL now.” But in Wolf’s eyes, Rodgers has a ways to go before he can surpass Favre as the top quarterback in Packers history.