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Packers vs. 49ers Preview – Packers News @ PFT

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] GREEN BAY – It does, in fact, get better than this. San Francisco at Green Bay in last year’s NFC Championship Game would have qualified as more important than Sunday’s 49ers-Packers regular season opener at Lambeau Field. The eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants had other plans, however, so

Time for Harrell to show his stuff; Benson shines – Packers News @ PFT

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] GREEN BAY – The caller sounded confused. He wondered why we were still discussing Harrell’s future in Green Bay. “The Packers already cut Justin Harrell, didn’t they?” he said. No, we explained, the conversation was centered on Graham Harrell’s future, rather than Justin Harrell’s past. However, the fact that one

Preseason 2012: Packers at Bengals Wrap Up

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] Green Bay Packers 27, Cincinnati Bengals 13 Preseason record: 1-2 Of interest: Despite a successful debut by tailback Cedric Benson, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was once again the Packers’ leading rusher. Rodgers capped two drives with touchdown runs of 12 and 5 yards, ending the evening with 52 rushing yards. He

Moss: "Hawk is not an issue, didn't have off year"

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] Green Bay – Criticism is to be expected. Only two other Green Bay Packers players were drafted in the top five the last 25 years. From Day 1, A.J. Hawk has been surrounded by massive expectations. “When you’re the fifth pick in the draft, you understand what the hell is going

Ron Wolf considers Brett Favre the greatest Packer ever

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] Brett Favre’s retirements and unretirements became such a sideshow that a once-beloved quarterback turned into a villain in the eyes of Packers fans. But the man who brought Favre to Green Bay still thinks he’s the best player ever to play for the team. Former Packers General Manager Ron Wolf,

Hargrove claims voice on Saints Bounty Tape not his.

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] Green Bay Packers defensive end Anthony Hargrove has gone to great lengths to try to clear himself of any involvement and wrongdoing in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. He went several steps further today, when he denied that it was his voice in the NFL Films tape that could

Ten things (I think) I know about the Packers – Packers News @ PFT

[mm-insert-title before=’ ‘ after=’ ‘] GREEN BAY – It has been a long, trying offseason for the NFL. The New Orleans Saints’ “Bounty Program” and subsequent stories, including the eight-game suspension of Packers defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove, coupled with lawsuits filed by former players against the league, have been front and center. Meantime, the Packers