Greg Jennings on the Perils of the Lambeau Leap

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‘] Packers receiver Greg Jennings thinks that he soon could be leaving Green Bay. If he goes, it sounds like Jennings won’t miss every aspect of playing at Lambeau Field.
The Lambeau Leap has its hazards, as Jennings explained to Erik Kuselias of NBC Sports Radio on Thursday night.
“I try to go away from the men because the men get a little grabby,” Jennings said. “The women get grabby too but them men it’s like come on, really, seriously? I’m another guy.”
If Jennings goes, Jordy Nelson could be the guy who gets even more grabbings, given that Nelson is routinely underestimated because he’s white.
“I’ve always told him that, I’ve always said that,” Jennings said. “I think for whatever reason a guy looks across at Jordy, number one, they’re going to think ,‘He’s a white guy he’s not that fast,’ but he has game. Bottom line he can play. He can catch the ball, he can make things happen when he gets the ball in his hands. You’ve got to take him serious, I’ll tell you that, when you line up across from him.”
Apparently, you also have to take the folks in the stands at Lambeau Field seriously, too.
[Source] – By Mike Florio