With Shareholders Meeting Signaling Start of New Season, Now is the Time to Sell Packers Tickets

Two driving forces allow the Green Bay Packers to stand out among NFL franchises:  A long tradition of winning and an unparalleled closeness to the community.  2018 marks 100 seasons for the team, adding a unique aura to the upcoming shareholders meeting.
It is football’s most unique franchise structure. Throughout history, the Packers have been financially supported by the fans through five stock sales. The most recent, launched in 2011, allowed 250,000 more people to proudly say they are part owner of the team.
The 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, set for this evening, continues the tradition, while launching the team’s year-long century-mark celebration (preferably capped with a Super Bowl victory in Atlanta).
Being the first Packers Shareholders Meeting scheduled at night in many years, it’s predicted that more than 10,000 fans, from across the state and country, may be in attendance.
“I think the only more highly attended shareholder meeting is Berkshire Hathaway. They have more people, so maybe on our 100th anniversary we can break the record,” Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said. 
Shareholders arrive the day before the start of training camp and the “Packers Experience Festival,” a free, four-day event boasting a replica locker room, live music, a Packers alumni Q&A, photo stations, a USA Football kids’ clinic and more.

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